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Five Top Hotels for London Performances

No trip to London is complete without paying a visit to one of London’s extraordinary stage-shows. With over 100 performance venues stationed around London, the capital has a decorated history of playing host to the crème de la crème of global talent.

Below is our pick of the most opulent venues to visit along with a selection of equally impressive hotels for a central London stay.

Corus Hotel Hyde Park: for The Royal Albert Hall

Best known for holding the Proms concerts annually each summer, the world famous concert hall has also welcomed the likes of Luciano Pavarotti, The Beatles and Adele to its star-studded stage. A short 15 minute stroll through Hyde Park, past the Serpentine Lake, will bring you to Corus Hotel Hyde Park, offering an unbeatable location for a visit to The Royal Albert Hall. Offering unrivaled quality service and value-for-money in a prime central London location, the grand white 200 year old listed Georgian building is also on the Central Line making it perfectly situated for guests wishing to visit the West End shows.

One Aldwych Hotel: for The Opera House

The Royal Opera House is most famous for showcasing spectacular operas and ballet shows throughout the year. Additionally, the two fantastic in-house restaurants both serve courses between show intervals, providing a unique dining experience. One Aldwych Hotel stands a four minute stroll from The Royal Opera House and offers a truly luxurious stay in the centre of London. An 18-metre swimming pool with relaxing underwater music and a Charlie & The Chocolate Factory inspired afternoon tea are just two draws of this five- star hotel.

Ham Yard Hotel: for The London Palladium

The London Palladium is a 2,286-seat Grade II West End theatre and has an extensive history of showcasing the very best of British theatre shows such as Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Oliver. Conveniently nestled behind the hustle and bustle of the West End’s busy streets, the Ham Yard Hotel can offer a stay just a 10 minute walk from the Palladium. An oasis of calm and a tree filled garden will signal your arrival at the hotel which houses a drawing room, library, spa, gym and theatre, as well as a 1950’s bowling alley.

Royal Horseguards: for The London Coliseum

Officially the largest theatrical space in London, the London Coliseum is recognised as the home of English National Opera and has an abundance of shows on offer throughout the year. The Royal Horseguards hotel sits just a 10 minute walk away from several London theatres. Once the Secret Service’s Head Quarters, the contemporary building not only boasts a convenient location presiding over the river, but can also offer a beautiful terrace area for guests to admire another of London’s famous landmarks, the London Eye.

K West Hotel & Spa: for Holland Park Open Air Theatre

For a summer visit to the capital, this al-fresco venue is widely regarded as one of the most magical, exciting and innovative opera spaces in the UK. Numerous opera offerings are scheduled for the venue’s 2016 calendar and picnic tables are available to purchase for a casual pre-opera meal with friends. Continuing the musical theme but with a change of genre, K West sits a short walk from Holland Park Open Air Theatre. Formerly the BBC Building Kensington House in the 60s, an endless list of Rock ‘N’ Roll royalty has stayed, played and misbehaved at K West.

Corus Hotel Hyde Park, 1 Lancaster Gate, London, W2 3LG UK For reservations please call: +44 (0)20 7262 5022 or visit: www.corushotels.com/london/

Tips on Surviving Your First Road Trip as a Couple

Tips on Surviving Your First Road Trip as a Couple

Every relationship has a series of firsts, from meeting the parents and leaving a toothbrush at his place to making a major purchase together. Another classic first? The inaugural road trip. To help make sure your first road trip is not your last, heed the following advice:

Road Trip

Plan your route

Most couples don’t have unlimited vacation time to meander around the nation. This means you’ll have to come up with a route ahead of time, taking into account everywhere you want to go. Bank Rate suggests you start by deciding the farthest place you wish to reach and use maps to determine the best roads to get there. Use Google maps to determine the approximate total mileage, and then figure out how many miles you want to drive each day. For example, if Victoria is your ultimate destination and you live 900 miles away with 10 days’ worth of vacation, you might want to drive about 350 miles a day; this will give you a few days to spend in Victoria plus time to enjoy the sights along the way.

Consider renting a car

Before you head out on your road trip, you should take your vehicle in for a tune-up and make sure the tires are all in good shape. If you don’t have the time for the automotive pre-trip prepping, consider renting a car for your epic road trip. As Dish Info notes, in many cases renting will cost around the same or even less than using your own vehicle, and depending on what kind of rental you get, it might be more fuel-efficient than the one you drive. Most rental car companies charge a flat daily or weekly rate but then offer unlimited mileage, and the vehicles tend to be well-maintained and worry-free.

Pack plenty of snacks and water

A well-stocked cooler is a must-have on any road trip. In addition to keeping you hydrated and well-fed, bringing along plenty of snacks and drinks will save you money. Instead of springing for two bottles of water for $4 at every gas station, buy a case of 24 bottles at the grocery store for around the same cost. For snacks, think protein-packed choices like small jars of peanut butter, almond butter and Nutella, string cheese, trail mix and crackers. Pouches of applesauce, cookies and a few candy bars are also fun to throw in the cooler.

Call ahead for reservations

If you arrive at a random motel at 2 a.m. ready to drop, you will probably not get the best rate. While you are busy making reservations for a hotel at your final destination, make a few more calls and book lodging along the way. To get the cheapest rates possible, visit a website like Hotels.com and enter in the cities in which you want to stay. Using your pre-planned route, it should be pretty easy to determine your stopping points for each night and select hotels based on this information. Making reservations ahead of time will also ensure you get the amenities you want, like an in-room fridge to store your perishable snacks and a coffee maker to save you time and money the next morning.

Honeymoon Tips: Explore a timeless city to make it your own

Explore a timeless city to make it your own

Certain cities around the globe can give you a trip of a lifetime – and while that special kind of personal experience is often said to be in the eye of the beholder, there are some cities that are virtually on every must-see list. London and Paris are two of those and so are Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Beijing, says the popular rewards program, Aeroplan. This summer, it is also trendy to add these most talked-about destinations from Canada:


Zurich, Switzerland: Scenically positioned just an hour from the Alps, Zurich is often touted to have the best quality-of-life in the world for its 1.89 million residents.  Start your exploration at the Limmat River, especially where the old town is clustered, and then stroll the main artery, Bahnhofstrasse, a central street of refined hustle-and-bustle alongside the most expensive shops.

Copenhagen, Denmark: It is the nation’s capital city, with a long history of colour and character, but Copenhagen has an unexpected highlight: eight kilometres of an inviting sandy beach. Bicycle paths and parks are well maintained here and the city is a foodie delight with as many as 15 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Seoul, South Korea: As much as Seoul is a rich taste of fascinating Far East traditions, this city will also give you an instant immersion into unabashed shopping. Start in the Myeongdong district where the stores spill over with electronic gadgets, cosmetics, handicrafts, shoes, clothing, and with tailors who are willing to sew up a whole new wardrobe for you overnight.

Shanghai, China: If it is modern China that sparks your curiosity, Shanghai is known as the cultural and economic driver of all East Asia, giving the city a trendy cachet. Modern meets historic with stand-out landmarks like the City God Temple, the Bund, and Yu Garden all accessible by a non-stop public transit system.

Tel Aviv, Israel: No visit to the Mediterranean Sea would be complete without getting to know Tel Aviv, the second-largest economy in the Middle East. Also known as a 24-hour ‘party capital’, every year as many as 2.5 million visitors arrive in this sunny ‘seaside city Israel style’. Tel Aviv is also a gateway into one of the world’s richest cultures.

Honeymoon Planning Tips

Honeymoon Planning Tips:

Courtesy of I Just Said Yes

The wedding ceremony and reception are two of the most important times of your life. You work so hard to make sure every detail is taken care of and that the night is one to remember forever.

Your life now begins as husband and wife and what a great way to start this relationship by going on your honeymoon. There are so many places you can visit such as Europe, winery in Napa Valley, a favourite cottage or ski chalet, Las Vegas, New York City and the forever popular Caribbean Islands. All of these trips can become very expensive, but since it’s your honeymoon you don’t want to settle for anything less than spectacular!

Sometimes the earlier you book the more you save so start looking at your options months before the big day. Create a “honeymoon” folder so you can print all of your trip information and have it on file. Ensure all your passports, visa’s and documentation are in order weeks before your departure.

How can you get help covering the cost of this trip? One suggestion would be to contact a travel agency and set up a gift registry where your guests can purchase travel certificates as bridal shower and wedding gifts. Before you know it, you will probably receive a nice down payment and really….who needs two or 3 coffee makers when you can get vouchers towards the destination of your dreams!

Honeymoon Tahiti

Another suggestion is to hold off on your honeymoon departure for a day or two after the wedding. You will both be totally exhausted from the weeks leading up to and the night of the wedding, and the last thing you want to do is rush to the airport in the early morning hours. Try to give yourself at least one or two full days to talk about the wedding, spend time with family and friends and get settled. Some of the most meaningful get-togethers come after the actual reception.

I know there is a lot to do for the wedding reception but if you can, get your clothes and bags packed before the wedding day so all you have to do is add those few toiletries before you head out. Have your passports, traveler’s cheques and any other required documentation set aside and ready to go.

Enjoy every minute of your honeymoon because when you get back the reality sets in and the “honeymoon” will really be over!

Safe travels!!

Honeymoon tips to save money on summer travel

Planning your honeymoon? Don’t break the bank with your travel plans this summer!

We all like to travel without breaking the bank – and this goes for those who book their trips spontaneously, or plan months in advance. According to a recent survey conducted by American Express Canada, 69 per cent of Canadians are planning to travel this summer and with this being one of the busiest travel seasons, finding strategies to save on your trip doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Here are three tips to save on summer travel, courtesy of Laura McDonald, co-founder of the popular blog, Golden Girl Finance:

1. Know the travel trends – If you’re part of the 21 per cent of Canadians planning to travel on an international trip this summer, it’s good to know that each country has a peak travel time. For example, travelling to the South of France during May to September means hotels are more than double the cost during shoulder seasons; travelling to India in spring will be more expensive due to the Holi Festival.

2. Avoid unexpected costs – Ensure that all documents, including your travel insurance application, are completed in advance. While away, unnecessary additional costs can add up and having travel insurance can provide peace of mind. From lost baggage to medical emergencies, unexpected events can happen anywhere, at any time and it’s good to be covered.

3. Know when to book – The cost of flights can add up quickly, with taxes, fuel surcharges and operation costs, it’s easy for a $600 ticket to turn into a $1,000 ticket. Knowing when to purchase your ticket and when to depart are key ways to reduce your ticket price. Experts suggest booking between 55-80 days before your departure date to get the best prices.

More information is available online at americanexpress.ca/travelinsurance.


Jetsetter’s Marriage: Gifts, Guests, and Getaways

By Veronique St. Pierre

A destination wedding is a practical way to bring together family and friends from all over to celebrate your special day. Locales like the Walt Disney World Yacht and Beach Club and Kona Village Resort in Hawaii offer bundle packages for just such an event. If your guests are going to travel, they might as well get a vacation out of the trip too.

Any wedding can be complex, but when you add traveling to the mix, it shifts part of the burden to the guests. You can smooth out the process by acknowledging some basic destination wedding etiquette.

Make a Plan

Sit down and discuss what you both want for that day, and look for compromises. For example, an intimate destination wedding with just a small group could be paired with a larger party at home. This allows you to keep costs down and still include coworkers and neighbors that don’t necessarily need to attend the ceremony.

When discussing the type wedding you want as a couple, create a budget so you know what you can afford. Determine what part of the expense you will pick up for guests before researching locations.

Plan Wisely

You will be doing yourself and your guests a favor by using a wedding service or travel agent. This gets the best bundle package and provides the most comprehensive safety. For example, wedding planners might have partnerships with resorts to cut the cost of rooms. She’ll also know all the security tricks like taking your wedding dress on the plane with you and using a service such as Life Lock to protect you from identity theft at such an important time. Ask her about common security threats or identity theft scams in the area, and how you and your guests can plan accordingly.

Advanced Notice

Guests need to take time off work and make plans prior to your wedding. Sending out a “Save the Date” notice allows them to take care of the little necessities and budget for the trip. Once you have a firm date and reserve a location, send a simple postcard to invited guests that precedes the actual invitation and gives them breathing room.

What the Couple Pays For

There is much debate on what a couple should pay for when planning a destination wedding. The right answer is probably what they can. It is not possible for most to handle accommodations for guests, especially if planning a large affair. What you can do is arrange for group rates at the resort or local hotels.

The ceremony and reception are an obvious expense. The rehearsal dinner is also something the wedding party covers, and a welcome dinner is also a nice touch. Beyond that, it depends on the situation. Part of the fun of travel is the activities. The guests will cover their own expenses for things they do around the area, airfare and most meals. Make sure the invitation lists everything the guest must pay for in clear language, as well as whom to contact to make their reservations.

What about Gifts?

Start with a welcome bag as they check in. Include maps of the area and location appropriate travel sized gifts like sunscreen or ski hats. Wedding favors are standard. You can choose something that reminds them of the destination such as a local craft item with the couples name and wedding date.

Planning a destination wedding gives everyone a break from their life as they help you celebrate the start of yours as a married couple.

Cover photo from Flickr user Kevin Stuart

Veronique St. Pierre
Veronique studied at the Sorbonne and fancies herself the best pastry chef in the Northwest. When she’s not cooking for her children, she spends her time writing about DIY crafts and green living solutions.

Planning your Wedding Day

Survival checklist

Hotel and destination travelling tips

As you are planning your wedding day, an item often overlooked is the time allocated for travelling to and from the wedding destination. When planning travel time, add an additional 50 per cent to your schedule. If you invited many friends and relatives from out of state, ask local hotels for a group discount. A group discount will save you considerable time and money. If everyone stays at one location, transportation problems will be minimized.

Renting a bus can sidestep an enormous amount of potential issues that always seem to arise when transporting people. A bus can pick up guests from the hotel, transport everyone to the wedding and even afterwards to the reception. This prevents guests from getting lost, misunderstanding directions, having car trouble and so on. With a bus, all of the designated drivers can finally enjoy a drink at the reception!

Contingency travel plans

Include a contingency plan. If you decide to rent transportation, book with a reputable company, which will usually provide backup transportation in the case of an emergency. Ask friends or neighbours to provide backup transportation. If someone is late or sick, that backup transportation will come in very handy. If you’re driving to the wedding and your car breaks down, you will have a backup to rely on.


Wedding venue preparation

Every detail counts, including the wedding venue. For starters, using nametags will help everyone involved. Writing down the person’s name and function will not only help your guests, but wedding staff as well. If you’re going to drive off in a convertible, check that the roof functions correctly. In the event of a rainstorm, the last thing you need is to be soaked in water. Equip the wedding ushers with umbrellas. As you leave the ceremony, you’ll have some protection from the elements.


Rowdy family and playful children

There is always that drunken family member or friend at the wedding — hilarious perhaps but not if it’s your wedding. You want to enjoy your precious wedding day, so the last thing you need is some overly boisterous, loud, obnoxious person ruining everything. It’s not worth taking a chance, so planning ahead will probably save your sanity on your wedding day. Ask a friend or relative to observe your guest, so you can put an end to any problem before it spirals out of control. As a secondary precaution, ask the bar staff to water down your guest’s drinks. Your designated friend or relative should also act as a bouncer if the situation worsens. Escort the guest outside or somewhere private so they’re able to sober up and return to the reception. Children can be troublesome at times, but that’s to be expected with such a long day. There should be a separate section and menu for children. Children then can eat comfortably and relax with the other children. Hiring a magician will work miracles! You can also try a daycare service to watch the kids. The key thing to remember is to plan ahead and have all sorts of activities to keep the children occupied. Divorced parents are a touchy subject. Before the wedding, sit down with them (probably separately) and remind them to behave themselves on your wedding day. When planning seating and table arrangements, keep divorced parents and anyone else who might clash together far away from one another. This is also a perfect situation to recruit another relative or friend to act as a referee of sorts.

Emergency bride survival kit

You may not need to arm yourself to the teeth as Jennifer Lopez did in the movie The Wedding Planner, but don’t underestimate the importance of preparing for your emergency bride survival kit: a lifesaver, makeup artist, tailor and more is designed to get you through your wedding day in the event of those minor mishaps that seem to happen at the worst times.


Pack all these items and anything else you can think of in a big duffel bag:

• Hair: hairspray, combs, brushes, hairpins;

• Makeup: clear nail polish, liquid concealer, lipstick, foundation, rouge;

• Shoes and Clothing: dancing shoes, extra panty hose, underwear, socks; and

• Hygiene: band aids, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, breath mints.


Here are two examples of situations that occur often, but fortunately your survival kit can provide you with some help:


• Sudden Stains — To get rid of a stain, blot it dry with a napkin and be sure not to rub as rubbing embeds the stain even more. Another emergency fix is to delve into your wedding survival kit and reach for the white chalk. Once the stain is dry, white chalk can be gently applied to conceal the stain.


• A Surprise Blemish — In the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Toula Portokalos’ bridesmaids covered up her blemish with skill on her wedding day. Although the film didn’t divulge the actual makeup techniques, here are some tips on what you can do. Don’t squeeze the spot and avoid using foundation, which can easily cause your skin to have a caked look. A cleaner (and more natural) alternative to foundation is liquid concealer. This will allow you to smooth over that annoying blemish without causing your skin to look caked. Once the concealer has set, touch up with some loose powder.

Green and Glam Costa Rica is Pura Vida

Pura vida” is a popular greeting among Costa Rican residents. It means “full of life” or “life is good” — and perfectly captures the essence of this colourful country. Teeming with orchids, tropical rainforests and wildlife, Costa Rica treasures its reputation as the world’s greenest country. Almost 30 per cent of this country, including much of the coastline, is protected. This commitment to everything green makes it a popular choice for couples who want to support the planet while they celebrate. But going green doesn’t mean roughing it. Although best-known as an eco-destination, Costa Rica is fast becoming a celebrity magnet thanks to an ever-expanding roster of upscale resort hideaways for A-listers and their entourages. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen led the trend with her purchase of a multimillion-dollar beachfront property on Nicoya Peninsula, and other celebs soon followed. Many are drawn to Costa Rica for special occasions such as weddings, honeymoons and vow renewals. Others, such as Steven Tyler, who headed here after the 10th season of American Idol, simply love the country’s seclusion. For a growing number of couples, the magical combination of stunning beauty and privacy makes Costa Rica their choice for a destination wedding that’s in harmony with nature.


Rock star beach resorts

The beautiful crystal waters and sandy shores of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast have welcomed many VIPs. Singer-songwriter Pink and motocross racer Carey Hart chose to hold their beachside wedding at the Four Seasons Papagayo near Guanacaste. This five-star hotel spans two beaches and its private villas, with sweeping ocean views, are perfect for A-listers who travel with an entourage of nannies, stylists, assistants and private security staff. The villas are also tops among couples planning large or multi-generational weddings. Large as it is, the Four Seasons also offers discrete privacy for those avoiding paparazzi, such as pop star Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz (lead singer of Fall Out Boy). Couples looking for red-carpet privacy will appreciate the breezy Canopy Plunge Pool Suite, a secluded unit perched on stilts, overlooking the bay.

Photo Abouve: The Four Seasons Papagayo is a celebrity favourite
Photo Credit: Four Season resorts


Award-winning Canadian songsters Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida (lead vocalist for Our Lady Peace) renewed their wedding vows on the beach at the RIU Guanacaste Hotel and Resort. The RIU offers four wedding package options, including the Free Package (minimum of five rooms booked and three nights stay), where couples pay only the minister and documentation fees. When it comes to creating together-time wedding memories, do as the celebs do and book a zipline adventure at the nearby Witch’s Rock Canopy Tour, where 24 launching platforms, three suspension bridges and three climbing trees offer thrilling views.


Hollywood hideaways

Even celebrities need to get away from the spotlight and reconnect with nature. Is there anything more primordial than a bubbling volcano? The Springs Resort and Spa was chosen as the setting of a Season 15 episode of ABC’s reality TV show The Bachelor — with good reason. This five-star boutique hotel, near La Fortuna, offers a romantic backdrop of hot mineral springs, cascading waterfalls and freeform pools overlooking Arenas Volcano. On clear nights you can even watch red lava spill from the volcano’s cone. The Springs Resort can host weddings of up to 150 people and offers elopement and destination wedding packages. Book the Honeymoon Vista Room and you’ll enjoy a hot mineral spring experience in the privacy of your own lushly landscaped garden terrace.


High in the hills above the capital city of San Jose lies Finca Rosa Blanca, a luxurious plantation inn that is said to have wowed celebrity guests Charlize Theron and Kevin Bacon. The country’s first certified sustainable hotel, it holds five-leaf status, the highest accreditation granted by the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) Commission. Hold your wedding ceremony under a giant ficus tree surrounded by spectacular cloud forest and hike to nearby Poás Volcano for a memorable photo-op.


Gaia Resort and Reserve, an adults-only treetop retreat near Manuel Antonio National Park, is a favourite among the NYC Broadway theatre and fashion crowd. Set within its own rainforest reserve and a member of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels of the World collection, its green commitment is demonstrated by solar energy, recycling and water conservation practices. The Terra Spa at Gaia offers a full menu of relaxing pre-wedding services.

If a secluded bungalow with plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities appeals to your sense of adventure, then Lapa Rios Ecolodge and Wildlife Reserve is for you. Set on 400 hectares (988 acres) of protected rainforest in the pristine Osa Peninsula, this wilderness retreat is a model of environmental and social sustainability, holding five-leaf certification. Its celebrity guest list includes heads of state and others who want to escape the spotlight. Couples can enjoy a secluded dinner by a waterfall accompanied by a live soundtrack of red-eyed frogs, howler monkeys and scarlet macaws. Or you can plant a tree in the lodge’s private rainforest reserve and leave a lasting memorial to your unforgettable wedding. Whether it’s zipping through the rainforest canopy or walking hand in hand on a secluded beach, Costa Rica offers a nature-inspired setting for your wedding or honeymoon. Pura vida!


If you go

Costa Rica is a year-round destination, although the low season (mid-May to November) is known as the green season due to daily rainfall. Guanacaste is the driest province. Wedding Documentation Requirements: Allow a minimum of two months for completion of paperwork, which includes:

• an original birth certificate for both of you;

• a Single or Civil Status Certificate of both persons (statement in lieu of certificate of non-impediment to marriage abroad) authenticated by Foreign Affairs Canada; call 613 994-4000 or visit www.international.gc.ca;

• if previously married, a certified copy of the divorce or death certificates;

• documents must be certified (before arrival) by the Consulate of Costa Rica, no more than six months prior to the ceremony; fees apply; and

• two witnesses (non-relatives preferred) with passports valid for at least six months or a Costa Rican identity card (if Costa Rica citizens). Documentation requirements are subject to change (visit www.costaricaembassy.com).



Four Seasons Resort Papagayo

Finca Rosa Blanca

Gaia Resort
www.gaiahr.com; www.slh.com

Lapa Rios

Riu Guanacaste Resort



Costa Rican Tourism Board



Several major airlines fly direct to Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose and to Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia. Due to road conditions, land transportation can be slow in Costa Rica, so consider Nature Air, a carbon-neutral airline, for in-country flights to resorts (www.natureair.com). Another option is a private tourist shuttle, from hotel to hotel, offered by Interbus (www.interbusonline.com).


By Michele Peterson

Photos provided by: Four Seasons Resorts

9 Essential Destination Wedding Travel Tips

Preparing for your destination wedding is important. Review these destination wedding travel tips before you leave!

1. Wedding Coordinators and Travel Agents

Choosing to use a travel agent or a wedding coordinator can be very helpful. These professionals can often reserve sets of rooms for your wedding party and guests at hotels or resorts. Refer family members directly to these professional to make their own travel arrangements. This will remove you from having to keep track of all the details. This can relieve a lot of stress from your destination wedding travel.

2. Making a List

The details of a destination wedding can be overwhelming. Start a list several weeks before you leave of everything that you will need. Starting the list early will give you ample time to remember anything you may have forgotten. Then all that you need to do before leaving is simply gather everything and pack.

3. Pack Light

Be mindful of the little things that you will likely not need. Check with your hotel or resort about things that will be available to you during your stay. The less you bring the less you will have to carry around and worry about. Bring outfits that can be mixed and matched and instead pack smaller accessories to change things up. Most hotels offer laundry services if you stay will be longer.

4. Delegate

Choose trusted family or friends to take over certain responsibilities such as packing certain things, shipping things beforehand, planning a welcome or rehearsal party and even getting the last minute things you need. Delegating to others will help you be able to relax and enjoy your destination wedding.

5. Bring All Contact Information

When traveling for you wedding, always bring a written form of contact information for all of your key people. Cell phones do not always function out of your home country and finding an internet cafe to look things up can be a hassle. Avoid the possibility and added stress of not being able to get in touch with the people you need.

6. Be Healthy

Staying hydrated, eating well and getting enough sleep can be the easiest way to help your body stay healthy when you travel. Help your body fight off any foreign bugs by giving it the tools it needs. Bring essentials such as extra vitamins or your favorite tea, avoid tap water when in other countries and wash hands regularly.

7. Arrive Early

Make sure to arrive a few days before your destination wedding to make sure all the details are in place. This extra time will also be helpful in adjusting to any change in time zones, settling in and bringing peace to any nerves you might have. It is always a good idea to allow time to enjoy the events you have planned and the people who are there to share it with you.

8. Island Time

If you are traveling to another country or island it may seem that in the new culture time significantly slows down. It is important to remember that relationships are often first priority and time commitments may be a bit more flexible than you are used to. Relax and be patient. However, if you have an urgent matter, share your concern with the right people in a calm way. The hotel staff really are on your side and they do want to serve you. Be polite and you may find that you could get the results you are looking for a lot quicker. Prepare to slow down and be patient with those around you.

9. Kick Back and Relax

Don't forget that you are the bride! It is easy to become extremely busy as your big day approaches and even more so when destination wedding travel is involved. Take time to refresh and appreciate everything and everyone with you. Go for a walk, take a soothing bath or get up early before the day begins and watch the sunrise. Your guests will understand if you need a bit of alone time.

For more Destination Wedding Travel Tips, a helpful wedding checklist, recommended planning guides and advice no bride should be without visit Your Destination Wedding Guide today!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Teresa_Mae

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4659347

Exotic Destination Wedding and Honeymoon

The Increasing Trend in More Exotic Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

As Destination Weddings now count for more than 10% of all weddings occurring among Canadian couples it should come as no surprise to learn that these couples are now more and more looking for dream weddings in more exotic locations!

What was once a major demand for The Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico has now grown to include islands such as Antigua, St. Lucia and The Bahamas as well as European and South Pacific destinations.

Voyages Anne Travel Inc. employs Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists with firsthand knowledge in arranging weddings all over the world! Let it be our pleasure to meet with you and discuss a variety of options available to you to make your Destination Wedding everything you had ever dreamed.


Irish Weddings

The ancient myths and legends of Ireland give the country a romantic air which is perfect for those searching for a wedding ceremony more in harmony with nature. Many hotels and former stately homes are licensed for weddings and can provide a stunning backdrop to any ceremony. It's now much easier to get married in Ireland, so make the most of the change in the law and plan your wedding in this fairytale destination.


Tahitian Weddings

Tahiti, in French Polynesia, is one of the "paradise" tropical islands that most people think of when dreaming of a wedding abroad. In the South Pacific, Tahiti offers picture postcard locations for a beach or tropical wedding.



St Lucian Weddings

One of the most well known Caribbean islands, St Lucia is a popular wedding destination due to its classic tropical beauty, including the majestic Piton peaks on the southwest coast of the island. The lush rainforests that cover the interior are home to colorful wildlife, whereas the multitude of sandy beaches makes beautiful wedding locations with stunning tropical backdrops.
Ask us to give you a selection of wedding ideas to help you make the most of this beautiful island.


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