Jennifer and Colin


Bride Name
Jennifer Walsh
Groom Name
Colin Robertson
Date of Wedding
Janine Truelove– Intuition Photography
Reception Held at
Marshes Golf Club
Wedding Dress
With Love Bridal
Groom’s Fashions From
Bridesmaids Fashions From
La Maison
Groomsmen’s Fashions From
Bride’s Hair By
Bride’s Make-Up By
Toosje Delaney
Cake By
Kakes by Judy
Flowers By
Mary Ellen Kelly
Description (Up to 500 Characters)
Colin is a huge golf lover and his one request was to get married at a golf course. We are so happy that we did! Not only did we luck out with pretty much the only sunny day in the month of July, the venue was perfect!
We met at work (we are both teachers at the same school).
The whole day was fun, with all the guests having a great time. The best part was our photo booth guest book, which gives us amazing memories to look back on, as well as being able to get married to my best friend.

Make Your Outdoor Wedding Sun Smart


Are you having an outdoor wedding? Properly planned and organized — please, do sweat the details! — it can be truly extraordinary and memorable.

Part of that planning involves arranging for weather contingencies. For instance, you always need to have a Plan B (or at least a tent) in case of rain. But what’s often forgotten is that you have to plan for sun too.

When the forecast calls for, and delivers, a sunny spring or summer or fall wedding day, you have certainly hit Mother Nature’s Canadian jackpot.  Bright blue skies mean there’s no need for jackets or racing to and from cars or  moisture-induced hair anxiety.

At the same time, heed the power of the sun.  The Canadian Cancer Society recommends reducing time spent in the sun when the sun’s rays are at their strongest, typically between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. from April to September, or any time of the day when the UV index is 3 or more.

There’s no exception for a wedding day. Even when you’re wearing a wedding dress or a bridesmaid’s dress, you can still get a sunburn. Especially if your dresses are sleeveless. That being the case, see if you can schedule your outdoor ceremony for after 3 p.m.

And definitely wear a moisturizer with a broad spectrum SPF of 30 or more. You can find moisturizers with sunscreen that are suitable for wearing under makeup.

And if your outdoor venue is short on shade, equip yourself and your wedding party with sun umbrellas. (Hand fans are nice to have too, although they won’t protect you or anybody from UV rays.)


As for guests, if your invitees include children or older people, have a few sun umbrellas on hand, bottled water, plenty of sunscreen and a few pairs of sunglasses. Depending on your wedding and style, you can consider providing everything from cheap sunglasses to flip flops as part of the fun of the day.

Shade options or an outdoor tent always come in handy.



Tamy and Evan


Country Club Chic

compiled by Lindsay Ruck
photos by Miv Photography

Sometimes in relationships, timing is everything. Despite knowing one another for several years, Tamy and Evan waited to be in the right place at the right time before striking up a romance.

Now living together and a little one on the way, Evan proposed to the love of his life after returning home from seeing their baby for the first time via ultrasound.

“Completely thrown off guard, I missed all the nice things he had to say and could only think of one thing to say: ‘Yes!’”

The couple began planning the wedding of their dreams at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club – a familiar venue for Evan’s family, who held memberships at the impressive grounds for many years.

The club’s terrace proved to be the perfect backdrop to exchange vows amongst 125 friends and family members.

Flowers Talk Tivoli in Westboro arranged five-foot vases bursting with florals to greet guests at the ceremony site.

“The colours in the final pieces were beyond anything I could have put together in my mind.”

The bride appeared at the top of the aisle on her father’s arm. Tamy donned a strapless Allure Bridal A-line gown from Garber’s Bridal in London, Ontario.

“My dress was originally a lace and tulle ball gown. I had taken all of the crinoline out and made it into more of an A-line.”

Evan and Tamy’s daughter, Abby, wore a similar lace and tulle ball gown. Bridesmaids wore summery coral lace swing dresses from Mori Lee.

“I wore a necklace my mother had made out of the diamond from her engagement ring and earrings that were given to me by my late grandmother.”

Following the ceremony, guests were invited to celebrate with the newlyweds at a cocktail reception in the President’s Lounge. Delectable nibbles included oysters on the half shell, sushi, and tenderloin-stuffed Yorkshire pudding.

As opposed to the traditional tiered wedding cake, the pair looked to Valentina’s Sweets for coral, blue, and ivory cake pops and two smaller cakes – one resembling a tuxedo and the other mirroring the flowers on Tamy’s gown.

A photo booth was available for guests to throw on props and strike a pose. Provided by TapSnap, the booth allowed guests to e-mail or print their pics on the spot.

“The day after our wedding we received a copy of all of the photos from our night.”

The soundtrack for the evening was provided by Derek Wolverton (DJ Spanky) from First Quality Sound. Tamy and Evan asked guests to include song requests on their RSVP cards, which Derek gladly included in his set list. He even projected music videos to accompany each song.

“He was amazing at reading the energy in the room and playing music to keep the party going. He had the entire Hunt Club up and dancing. I still have people ask me if we have the playlist from our reception.”

The couple enjoyed a day filled with love, laughter, and the ones they hold most dear.

“I think our wedding was extremely special because we got to share the day not only with our friends and family, but with our daughter as well.”

Cheers to the happy couple! W

Alli and Robbie

1026Friendship leads to wedding bells

by Iris Winston
photos by Candace Berry Photography

Alli Churchill and Robbie Davidson were friends long before they realized they were destined to become husband and wife.

“It was definitely a relationship in the making that neither of us was expecting,” says Alli, whose first connection with the Davidson family was through her friendship with Robbie’s sister, Keltie.

“Siblings sometimes come in handy,” notes Robbie.

“Years ago, when I was living in southern England, Keltie surprised me by appearing on my doorstep unexpectedly,” Alli explains. “Ever since, Robbie and I have been trying to surprise her in the same way.”

Two years ago, Robbie arranged for Alli, then a psychology major at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, to make a surprise call on his sister in Ottawa. But the planned surprise meeting between Keltie and Alli never happened.

“She was busy working, so I stayed with Robbie the whole time. It kind of worked out because that was the beginning of romance for us.”

Their first unofficial date was a long walk beside the Rideau Canal under a full moon. Two weeks later, Robbie visited Alli in Halifax to confirm the beginning of their long-distance romance.

Another thread that brought the pair together was when Keltie joked some years before that she had too many friends and suggested Robbie make Alli his new best friend. (Was Keltie playing matchmaker?) From that point on, the pair regularly spent time together when he visited relatives in Halifax or when she came to Ottawa.

“All this meant that we were very comfortable with each other before we ever started dating,” says Alli.

“It definitely made a long-distance relationship achievable,” adds Robbie.

It also set the stage for Robbie’s proposal. After one of his regular weekend visits, Alli dropped him at the airport for his return flight to Ottawa. On this occasion however, he turned back after Alli was out of sight and spent the day with relatives in Halifax. Robbie would propose the next day.

The day of the week was important, says Robbie, because Tuesdays had long been Alli’s favourite day.

He explains that when Alli and her siblings were young, their mother assigned each child a day to pick up the mail. Alli was responsible for meeting the mailman on Tuesdays.

“This not only made Tuesday her favourite day of the week, but it also prompted her love of sending letters and special care packages, knowing how excited receiving personal mail can be – especially these days when the mail typically contains a mix of bills, flyers and junk mail. A small note from a friend can make your day.”

The Tuesday he chose, February 3, 2015, was particularly appropriate because there would be a full moon that night – a reminder that the couple’s first steps along the road to romance were taken under a full moon.

With Alli’s home in sight, Robbie called his bride- to-be and suggested she check the mail.

The request seemed odd, says Alli, as it was unlikely any mail could have been delivered that day. “There had been a huge snowstorm. The entire city was shut down and everything was closed.”

Nevertheless, she did as she was asked. “As she opened the front door, I went down on one knee and asked her to marry me,” says Robbie, adding with a smile that Alli was so surprised to see him – as she assumed he was at work in Ottawa – that she shrieked in delight and then could not even remember her reply. “I told her that she had said ‘yes’ and was stuck with me now.”

Robbie, an audiologist by profession, chose a custom-made solitaire engagement ring set at an unusual angle in white gold. Alli, a volunteer at Capital City Mission and a sustainable team member with Venture 2 Impact, says her beautiful bauble is absolute perfection. “It’s small, perfect, and just what I wanted. I didn’t want anything ostentatious that would get in the way and be likely to bump into everything. And I didn’t want to have to take it off.”

She approached wedding gown selection in a similar spirit. “I really don’t like shopping, so I bought my wedding dress on the first trip out. I wanted something very simple, and something Robbie would like.”

Alli’s mother, brother, and closest friend joined the bride on the one-day shopping trip. Alli chose a strapless Maggie Sottero gown with a lace-covered heart-shaped top, back lacing and a short train. (Alli and her wedding gown is currently featured on the Maggie Sottero website.)

The wedding ceremony was held at St. Andrew’s United Church in Halifax on August 29, 2015 —“a very special place for me, as it is home to Halifax’s Sunday suppers, which had been a part of my life for years,” says Alli. The wedding flowers, prepared by Chelsea Lee Flowers, were also a nod to Alli’s past, as each bundle was displayed in family heirlooms.

To entertain the 200 wedding guests in between the ceremony and reception, Alli prepared “a type of to-do list of different places Robbie and I visited while we were dating. They were walking in our shoes before they joined us for desserts at the wedding reception.”

Held in a large tent at McNabs Gardens (a friend’s property), the reception was set up as an informal celebration of the joyous occasion.

“Robbie has such a large family and I have such a broad group of friends, that we needed a style of reception that was suitable for many different people and personalities,” says Alli. “We had fruit salad, whipped cream, tea biscuits and homemade jam — my Mom and I made the jam — and friends brought all kinds of other treats. There was no formal sit-down or speeches, because we wanted to keep it nice and casual and we didn’t want to be front and centre. The idea was to have just a little structure, but enough freedom for everybody to mingle and for us to mix and mingle with the guests. The important thing was to see all the people who had come to celebrate with us.”

An evening of dancing, a campfire and fireworks were all part of the happy event, which, says Alli, “was just a great end-of-summer party and a great start of our marriage together.” W

Shoes Optional: Fun of a Cottage Wedding



Do you both love summer, water sports and all things cottage-related? Why not have a cottage or cottage-style wedding? It can be a wonderful and memorable celebration for all involved.

The ambience is fun and informal, and the gorgeous, natural, waterfront setting serves as a beautiful backdrop for the bride, the ceremony and the festivities to follow. If you’re planning a small, intimate affair, you can use the family cottage, borrow a friend’s or arrange a rental.

If you’re planning for a fair number of people, consider a rustic, waterfront cottage resort. Guests can rent cabins onsite if they wish and stay overnight. Make sure there’s enough outdoor space to have the service, dinner and reception outdoors. And rent a tent, so you’re covered in case of rain.

Here are some ideas to elevate your day:

Wildflower or casual bouquets and floral arrangements.



Fireworks over the water.

A barrel of flip-flops for guests to use.

Photos on the dock, by the water’s edge and in a boat, if possible.

Traditional summer treats: sophisticated adult popsicles, popcorn, home made squares and cookies.

A campfire, if allowed.

Live music/guitar.

Stock up on sunscreen, bug repellent and bottled water, and have some extra shawls and sweaters on hand in case it gets cool in the evening.


Justine and Tyler


A Day Like No Other

compiled by Lindsay Ruck
photos by Phillipa Maitland Photography

August 15, 2015

Justine met Tyler at a broomball tournament.

“We became friends after that and went back and forth for about five years of liking each other, but it was just never the right time.”
But the timing was perfect when Tyler popped the question after dinner at his family’s home. An elaborate story would precede the proposal, giving Justine zero reason to believe that this night would be one of the most memorable moments of her life.

“When we were leaving his parents’ he asked if we could run to the barn to get some corn to put out for the deer. He came running out of the barn and told me there was a cow calving. I followed in behind him excited to see the cow, but to my surprise when I walked in Tyler was down on one knee holding a beautiful ring!”

The pair returned to the barn the following year for the summer wedding of their dreams.

As Tyler and Justine both grew up on farms, the couple drew inspiration from their surroundings and planned a day filled with several country accents – including hopping on Justine’s bright red tractor for a quick turn around the property post-ceremony.

With a colour palette of green, peach, and ivory, their picturesque vision was turned into a reality.

“My mom made [the bridal party’s] jewellery, flowers, and the boutonnieres for the guys. She also did the makeup with help from her friend. My aunt, uncle, grandma and grandpa decorated.”

The bride donned a stunning Stella York A-line gown featuring ivory lace and diamanté beading. Purchased at Bridals by Al-Mor in Winchester, Ontario, it’s safe to say when Tyler saw his bride, he was blown away by her beauty.

Arranged by the bride’s mother, each bridesmaid carried a bouquet of ivory peonies, closed peach roses, cream gardenias, bouvardias, boxwood greenery and light green and white floral fillers scattered throughout.

Under the sweltering sun, and surrounded by 190 loved ones, the couple exchanged vows amidst a backdrop of green pastures peppered with cows, and work boots filled with florals.

“It was probably the hottest day of the summer.”

With 300-plus guests invited to the reception, the celebration was held at the Toledo Legion.

“We loved the setup and the space. Plus they have two bars!”


For a modern sweet treat, Justine’s elementary school teacher, Kim MacKinnon, made a beautiful naked cake accented with silk white, green, and peach florals.

“I knew she would do an amazing job and wanted her to be a part of our special day.”

Another element of sweetness came in the form of wedding favours. Each guest received a small jar of maple syrup prepared by Justine’s father.

Justine’s father also surprised the wedding party with special gifts crafted from cherry wood trees he had cut down during an ice storm. From display cabinets and hope chests to ping-pong ball shooting pistols and jewellery boxes, each gift was made with love for the day.

Surrounded by family and their closest friends, the pair enjoyed a perfect day on the farm. W

Krista and Justin


Rustic Romance

August 30, 2014

compiled by Lindsay Ruck
photos by Lysa Watnem Photography

Justin asked Krista to be his wife on a beautiful snowy evening in the nation’s capital.

“After eating supper at the restaurant where we had our first date, Justin suggested we take the dog out for a walk along the Ottawa River. He then got down on one knee to surprise me with a beautiful diamond.”

On August 30, 2014, at the Brookstreet Hotel, Krista awoke with her girls by her side, ready to marry the love of her life.

With hair and makeup complete and pre-ceremony photos snapped, both the bride and groom’s parties made their way to the Marshes Golf Club.

“The bridal party did lots of work to make sure Justin and I didn’t cross paths that morning.”

As the string ensemble played, the bride appeared on her father’s arm holding a waterfall bouquet of lilies and orchids, and donning a fit and flare Mori Lee gown found at Sinders Bridal House in Carleton Place. Within the bridal bouquet was a sprinkling of photo charms to remember loved ones who had passed away. The maids held bouquets of white roses and orchids.

Upon being announced as man and wife, guests gathered inside the Marshes for cocktail hour, while the couple posed for photos.

Krista chose her favourite hue, turquoise, for the colour of the day, and all décor was designed to complement the rustic-modern feel of the Marshes’ clubhouse. As a nod to the beautiful golf course backdrop, the pair also incorporated golf-related accents.

“Instead of the typical tapping of the glasses to get the couple to kiss, we had a mini putt set up. Once someone got the ball in the hole, we had to kiss.”

As Krista and Justin took on all planning and execution for the day, there were several DIY touches, including the design of the table numbers, the seating chart, the menu and the card box.

“We also made a collage of photos in a frame for the loved ones who, unfortunately, aren’t with us anymore.”

The bride’s uncle created a video memento of photos, featuring images of the bride and groom from birth to present.

“He even included part of the video from the ceremony to end his slideshow. This was an amazing surprise.”

The sweet treat for the day was a three- tier cherry cake. Each tier of deliciousness, created by Artistic Cake Design, was displayed on its own platform with a swan stand.

“We had three cake toppers: the bride, the groom with his golf set, and our little pug Rocky.”

The 80 friends and family members enjoyed a delicious meal at the Marshes’ The Ironstone Grill and were then invited to dance the night away with the newlyweds, who could now bask in the beauty and perfection of their special day.

“We did all the work ourselves and added all our favourite things into the wedding. It was truly personalized and the outcome was amazing. Well deserving of all the hard work it took to plan. All that was left was to party with family and friends.” W

Chloe and Marcin


Nuptials in Nature

August 9, 2014

compiled by Lindsay Ruck
photos by Michel Gauthier assisted by Annie-Carrier Gagnon

A tour travelling through the beautiful Oceanian country of Australia is where Chloe and Marcin’s love story begins.

“From first sight we were hooked. And those weeks together were an exciting whirlwind of adventures and fun memories.”

As the tour came to a close, Chloe returned to England to continue her university studies and Marcin headed back to Canada for work. Although the trip was over, the love between the two travellers had just begun.

“We did the long-distance relationship for just under a year; both travelling between Canada and England. It was very exciting! We fell in love with each other across the oceans.”

Marcin eventually made the move to England while Chloe completed her studies. Upon graduation, the pair made the permanent move to Canada.

In May 2012, after the purchase of their first home, Marcin asked Chloe to be his wife at the top of Mont Royal Park in Montreal. Under the glow of the moon and the city lights, Chloe said, “yes.”

The couple’s vision of a relaxed outdoor celebration with a waterfront backdrop and al-fresco dining was found in Calabogie, Ontario.

“We found the perfect location at a private rentable cottage in Calabogie. Think barefoot, flowers in hair, laid back hippie style; harking back to the days that we spent together travelling.”

It was also the perfect setting for 40 of their closest friends and family members.

“We kept our guest count low to achieve a more intimate wedding celebration. We wanted to spend as much quality time with our loved ones and have a more meaningful day.”

Another nod to their travels was the colour combination of turquoise – a shade reminiscent of the beaches in Australia – gold, and shades of soft pink.

Opting out of a wedding coordinator, the couple, along with ready and willing family and friends, took on all of the planning tasks for the day.

“There was an intentional DIY-Pinterest feeling to the decorations, which was fun to do!”

Lights were strung from the trees, wildflowers and baby’s breath were found on the tables and in the bride’s bouquet, chalkboard signs welcomed guests, and tulle was draped amongst two trees where the bride and groom exchanged vows.

With her mother and father by her side, Chloe donned a Mikaella creation from With Love Bridal Boutique in Stittsville. The simple and elegant strapless lace design featured a plunging back with a satin sash bow and a small train that was bustled following the ceremony.

“I couldn’t imagine not having both of them with me at such an important moment of my life; particularly as they are in England. I miss them and wanted them both close to me.”

The bride held a bouquet of wildflowers combined with white and pink roses (the first flowers Marcin sent to Chloe whilst they were apart). As Chloe’s grandmother was unable to attend the special day, her ruby necklace was a sparkling accessory to the bouquet.

A fashionable four-legged guest was the couple’s three-year old dog, Reef. The German shepherd complemented the chosen colours by sporting a turquoise bow tie.

Following the ceremony, the reception was just steps away. Guests enjoyed cocktails while an iPod playlist of the couple’s favourite songs played throughout the evening.

Dinner was served under the twinkling lights thanks to Bytown Catering.

Mason jars with tea lights and turquoise and gold bows adorned the tables. Guests were encouraged to grab a prop and strike a Polaroid pose which would then be signed and used for the guest book.

“Our first dance was to Jack Johnson’s Better Together, a Hawaiian acoustic artist we both listened to on the beaches in Australia.”

The cake, made by Aleks Nowicka of Holy Moly Cakes, was a simple white buttercream with chocolate sponge and vanilla icing. Gold flakes, wildflowers and roses were sprinkled on the sweet creation to complement the bride’s bouquet.

The newlyweds enjoyed an evening of beautiful weather, a stunning rustic backdrop and an overwhelming love from family and friends – the perfect start to their next adventure as man and wife.

“Having everything occur outdoors was what made our wedding unique. It was everything we could have hoped and dreamed for and turned out even better than we had imagined. We were really very lucky.” W

Kim and Jesse


Unforgettable Fairytale
July 12, 2014

They say love happens when you least expect it. In Kim and Jesse’s case, they were right.

“We met at my sister’s birthday party. Neither one of us were expecting to meet anyone that night, so it took us by surprise.”

On their three-year anniversary, Jesse asked Kim to be his wife.

“Jesse took me out for a romantic diner and afterwards he said he wanted to go home because he wasn’t feeling well. When we got home, he told me to close my eyes and that he had a surprise for me. When I opened them, there he was, on one knee asking me to marry him.”

Kim was once again pleasantly surprised as she began to plan for her summer wedding.

“I looked at a lot of bridal magazines. I didn’t think I could afford a ‘fairytale’ wedding. But when we found Geneviève and Guy Desjardins, the owners of Bean Town Ranch, I realized that miracles do happen.”

Located East of Ottawa in the beautiful untamed countryside, Bean Town Ranch proved to be the ideal ceremony and reception venue for Kim and Jesse’s dream day.

Bean Town’s turnkey wedding package – which includes wedding coordinator and owner, Geneviève Desjardins, holding your hand every step of the way – meant Kim and Jesse were in for a “stress-free” planning process.

“Geneviève gave us a checklist of everything that needed to be done and we did all the final decision-making. Geneviève is so wonderful at what she does that it seemed like the wedding package was custom- built just for us.”

To complement the already rustic-country décor of Bean Town Ranch, the couple’s main hue-du-jour was the soft shade wisteria – a colour similar to light lavender.

On July 12, 2014, surrounded by 114 of their closest friends and family members, the bride walked down the aisle with her parents by her side. Kim held a bouquet of white vandella roses, hydrangeas, calla lilies (also found in the men’s boutonnieres), and a touch of bling for that extra shot of sparkle.

The bride’s beautiful ivory lace A-line gown was a David’s Bridal creation, featuring a side split tulle inset and lace-up back with a short chapel train.

The personally-composed ceremony and vow exchange was officiated by Kim’s uncle.

“Jesse and I asked my uncle Michel if he would do us the honour of performing the ceremony, which he kindly accepted.”

Upon the announcement of man and wife, the newlyweds were whisked away on a romantic horse and carriage ride around the ranch.

“This really stands out as one of the best parts of my day. It was nice to finally be able to be alone with Jesse.”

Another special moment for the couple occurred during their first dance, as fireworks lit up the night sky.

In lieu of cake, Jesse and Kim called upon Ottawa’s Cakey Bliss to provide delicious gluten-free tarts. Guests could indulge in white chocolate ganache with cranberries, a luscious chocolate mousse, mixed berry or classic apple pie.

Guests also enjoyed striking a pose at a photobooth.

“We have incredible pictures of our guests goofing off and enjoying themselves.”

After a final goodbye with their nearest and dearest, Kim and Jesse fled to their secluded cabin in the woods, which was pre- stocked with tasty treats and wine.

“It seemed somewhat magical; almost out of a fairytale. Our wedding was everything [Geneviève] said it would be. Actually, it was even better.” W

Lydia and Daniel


A Summer Celebration

June 14, 2014

compiled by Lindsay Ruck
photos by Rubicon Photography 

Daniel and Lydia met at their family church after the Easter vigil mass in 2011. In July of 2013, Daniel asked Lydia to be his wife.

After drinks and nibbles at The Keg, Daniel brought Lydia to Mooney’s Bay, the same scene where they had their first kiss two years prior. With ring in hand – a custom-made pink sapphire bauble – Daniel asked Lydia to be his wife.

To assist in the planning of the day, the couple looked no further than Lydia’s cousin, Andria Baxter, “wedding planner extraordinaire!”

The June 14, 2014 ceremony took place at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church.

“We were baptized, received first communion, were confirmed, and now married, all at that same church. The church community has been and continues to be instrumental in our faith lives.”

Prior to their walk down the aisle, Lydia presented each of her maids with bracelets engraved with the word “GRATITUDE.”

Using the beautiful pink sapphire ring for inspiration, the pair planned a rustic-themed day featuring summer shades of purple, pink and blue.

The bride entered the church on her father’s arm donning a Cordelia gown by Wtoo, purchased from Baroness Bridal. The dress featured a lace bodice, a button-up back and a slight train.

“[Daniel] didn’t get to see it until the church doors opened. He teared up so I’m pretty sure he liked it. I absolutely loved every second in it!”

Upon being announced as man and wife, the newlyweds wasted no time getting the party started. The couple danced their way down the aisle to an Irish jig performed by artist Joe Zambon.

“The whole congregation clapped along and it really set the tone for the rest of the celebration.”

To set the scene of their rustic theme, the reception was held at the beautiful Herb Garden in Almonte. Décor consisted of burlap, lace, mason jars and string lights.

The whimsical location features beautiful lush gardens, a lodge displaying local art, a flower maze, nature trails and the savoury aromas of herbs and spices.

Personal touches were found from start to finish of this summer wedding. The bride and groom, along with the assistance of family and friends, collected wine corks to create a large monogram, handmade seating cards were tied with twine to mason jars, and the bride designed personalized wine labels for the day.