Jennifer and Colin


Bride Name
Jennifer Walsh
Groom Name
Colin Robertson
Date of Wedding
Janine Truelove– Intuition Photography
Reception Held at
Marshes Golf Club
Wedding Dress
With Love Bridal
Groom’s Fashions From
Bridesmaids Fashions From
La Maison
Groomsmen’s Fashions From
Bride’s Hair By
Bride’s Make-Up By
Toosje Delaney
Cake By
Kakes by Judy
Flowers By
Mary Ellen Kelly
Description (Up to 500 Characters)
Colin is a huge golf lover and his one request was to get married at a golf course. We are so happy that we did! Not only did we luck out with pretty much the only sunny day in the month of July, the venue was perfect!
We met at work (we are both teachers at the same school).
The whole day was fun, with all the guests having a great time. The best part was our photo booth guest book, which gives us amazing memories to look back on, as well as being able to get married to my best friend.

A Smoothie for the Bride



Want glowing skin? An energy boost for all those pre-wedding tasks and responsibilities? A way to take the best care of yourself you can, daily, so you feel like a million bucks on your wedding day?
Nurture yourself with plenty of rest, exercise, health food and an excellent, daily beauty routine. That can include a smoothie. Whether you have one to start the day or mix one up later when your energy is flagging, you can be sure you’re getting a dose of nutritional goodness.

There are lots of combinations and options. Choose what works best depending on the items you have on hand and the outcome you’re hoping to achieve. The Wedding Guru lists choices and recipes for stress relief, for energy, and for glowing skin.

But it’s easy to concoct your own delicious potion too.

Here’s a basic recipe. (It makes about three good-sized drinks, so you’ll have leftovers to share with your fiance.)

1/2 cup of water, coconut water, juice, milk or almond milk
1/2 cup of yogurt (optional)
1/2 a banana (optional)
2 cups spinach, packed
1 cup frozen tropical fruit mix  (mango, strawberries and papaya)
1/2 cup frozen pineapple
1 cup frozen peaches

Put the liquid in the blender first, then add the spinach, followed by the rest of the ingredients. As you pulse the blender, adjust the ingredients to reach the thickness you want.

If you have athletes in the household or health-conscious family members, they may appreciate additions such as protein powder, chia, flax, spirulina or wheat germ. Be aware, though, that items such as protein powder with alter the flavour.

There’s no wrong way to make a smoothie. And the nice thing is that you can add items such as spinach or kale or other greens without the taste being perceptible. If you’ve got enough yummy frozen fruit or berries in there, you can’t tell!

Berry Delicious

1 cup cranberry juice
1 cup kale
1 cup spinach
2 cups frozen raspberries
1 cup  frozen blueberries
1 cup frozen strawberries

This blend is tart and delicious. Feel free to toss in some frozen mango or peaches to give it some creaminess.


Fab Fall Wedding Decor

fall wedding

Sure you can spray-paint pumpkins teal or fuchsia to match your chosen wedding colours — but you don’t have to.
In fact, pumpkins don’t have to be part of your fall wedding decor at all. Traditional autumn weddings often featured a lot of shades of orange and rust, along with sunflowers and other natural elements.
But not anymore.  You can go the rustic route with barn board, leaves, pinecones and earthy shades or you can choose any style and colour you want, from glam and sophisticated brights to rich Old Master hues to elegant ivory and gold.

Here are some ideas to pique your interest:

fall wedding

The Bold and the Beautiful

Just because the leaves are falling doesn’t mean it’s time for subdued tones. Go bright, go bold, go beautiful. Your wedding can absolutely dazzle, whatever month you choose to hold it.


Wedding sweet table inspired by Dutch masters still lifes. Dark shadows, window light, grain, shallow depth of field.

Say Yes to Drama

Choose dark surfaces and rich patinas along with florals and colours that bring to mind the brooding beauty of the Dutch masters. If the day is overcast? Even better. It will only add to the striking style.

fall wedding

Spare and Elegant

While the season is known for its abundance and bounty, it doesn’t mean you have to go overboard in the style and decor departments. Not at all. Sometimes less is, indeed, best.
You can usual familiar, seasonal accents, such as apples, pears, berries and pinecones, but use them in combination with other elements, such as  tall, crystal cake plates or sleek, steel-trimmed lanterns for a pared down, jazzed up look. You can spray them in clear lacquer, too, for extra pizzazz and sparkle.

Use the light, the setting, the venue and your personal preferences to dictate the look you create for your party.

Fashion … Bridal Bliss



Warm Up to These Glamorous Looks

by Lindsay Ruck

What’s sparkly, stylish and sexy yet sophisticated? Our favourite bridal trends for fall 2017! We’re completely obsessing over this year’s designs and while we couldn’t highlight them all in just one article, we’ve selected some of our favourites to share with you. Read on to find out which looks turned heads on this season’s runways.

Sleeves, please

Talk about a trend that keeps on giving. Thanks to Grace Kelly and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, sleeves are still at the forefront of bridal fashion, which is perfect for the fall or winter bride wanting a little bit of added warmth. While the trend remains, the sleeve styles received an extra shot of fabulous with many designers opting for statement sleeves that stole the show. We loved the soft sleeves featuring flutter and flounce, and the oh-so-vintage bishop sleeve (which Hayley Paige has labeled a “dreamcatcher” sleeve). Among other noteworthy designers, Isabella Armstrong and Alyne by Rita Vinieris both featured beautiful sleeved styles down the bridal runways.

For added whimsy on your big day, brides also have the option of gowns with beaded sleeves and sparkle. The illusion sleeve looks especially magical adorned with pops of shine and was found in several bridal lines this season, including designer extraordinaire, Monique Lhuillier, who describes her line as “a fairy-tale with the whimsical sense of a fleeting moment, caught in time.”



Our final sleeve-obsession was found in several off-the-shoulder and cold shoulder gowns that graced the 2017 runways. For brides who want the best of both worlds, off-the-shoulder gowns beautifully marry sexy, yet sophisticated. Reem Acra, Marchesa and Theia all featured off-the-shoulder styles which are sure to please the fashion-forward bride. This style works with several silhouettes and was found, among other styles, on ball gowns, A-line designs and bohemian sheath gowns. So, no matter what frame works best for your figure, an off-the-shoulder top is sure to please.


Next up on our trend watch is for brides who really want to make a statement: feathered accents. We’ve highlighted this style before and previous feathered styles from the past, left today’s bride wanting more. Mira Zwillinger and Pronovias showcased delicate feathered sleeves, while Monique Lhuillier opted for ultra-dramatic with a feathered cape.

The key to a feathered look is not to overdo it. Feathered accents add playfulness and high fashion to bridal wear without coming across as a costume, which could occur with over-the-top plumage.

High necklines

We talk a lot about the plunging neckline and have featured several sexy deep-Vs in the past. And while this look is still ranking high on bridal trends, we’re also giving a salute to the classic high neckline. BHLDN, Carolina Herrera and Allure Bridals all featured high necklines this season. This elegant style takes us back to the romantic Victorian era and we love how many designers avoided seeming overly matronly by pairing a high neck with a plunging back or fitted silhouette. Delicate lace paired with a high neck may be one our favourite combinations and we’re crossing our fingers that the rise of the neckline will be around for several seasons to come.

Heavy metal

Accessories are sharing the shimmer spotlight this season and we’re loving this next ultra-glam trend for fall and winter brides. For those brides who want to feel a touch rock ‘n’ roll on their special day, metallics were peppered throughout fall 2017 bridal gown lines. This updated look on beading and shimmer takes bridal wear away from the tacky over-the-top bling of the past and brings it into an edgy play on sparkle and shine. This edgier trend was found in several desirable lines, including Reem Acra, YolanCris and Lazaro. Brides are sure to glow as they walk down the aisle in romantic and modern gowns featuring brocades, crystals and metallic hues.

Depending on how much glitz is in your gown, you may want to go on the lighter side when it comes to the accessories. Your dress will steal the show, so don’t try to compete with over- the-top bangles, necklaces and standout earrings. Those pieces are best when paired with simpler styles. Finding that perfect balance is key when selecting a gown with metallic features.

While we love a good trend, we also know that each bride is unique, and in the end, it’s all about what suits your style. You should feel comfortable in your gown from day to night and that starts with choosing a dress you absolutely love. With so many beautiful styles to choose from this season, you’re guaranteed to find the look that is oh-so-you. Happy shopping! W


Stephanie and Patrick


Bride Name
Stephanie Hamway
Groom Name
Patrick Kiwan
Date of Wedding
Joel and Justyna Bedford
Reception Held at
The Horticulture Building
Bride’s Hair By
Ziad Sami El-Zoor
Bride’s Make-Up By
Katherine Innes
Cake By
Natasha’s Sweet Creations
Catering By
Thyme and Again
Flowers By
Ottawa Flowers
Invitations By
Farah Halloum Graphic Design
Design and Decor: Pearl Decor
Videography: Reno Video Productions

Ring Insurance? Yes. Here’s Why


Putting an insurance policy on your engagement ring may sound unromantic, but nothing’s sweeter than peace of mind.

What about ring insurance?

There are a few ways to insure your engagement ring. Ring insurance can be purchased as an extension (also called a “rider”) for your renters or homeowners policy. Renters and homeowners policies cover the stuff in your home, but only up to a certain dollar value. Expensive, special items, like engagement rings, art and electronics, are guaranteed through scheduled personal property coverage—an insurance policy extension that covers particular items. Another option is to insure your ring through a company that specializes in jewellery insurance, which might offer more coverage than a standard homeowners policy (replacing a lost or stolen ring rather than paying a set amount of cash, for instance).

Who needs ring insurance most?

Any couple with jewellery that has pricey material or sentimental value. Whether your wedding and engagement rings cost $500 or $50,000, insurance coverage is a way of honoring not just their financial value but what they represent. The sentiment behind your rings is priceless, but the rings themselves can be replaced—if they’re insured—in the event that something happens to them.

How ring insurance works

You’ll need to provide your receipts, as well as an appraisal, which costs a small fee. (You can get an appraisal from a certified gemologist.) And remember: If you move after the wedding, make sure your “ring rider” follows you. Some couples have the ring insured at the bride’s house (or her parents’) before the wedding, but forget to add it to the policy for their new home when they move in together.

If you don’t have a renters or homeowners policy, there’s an alternative way to insure your ring: Certain insurance companies offer policies through jewellers on individual pieces—ask your jeweller if they work with an insurance company to offer ring insurance. These kinds of policies can vary widely company by company so ask specific questions about the level of coverage provided. W

5 Reasons You Should Have Wedding Shot List

wedding shot list

wedding shot list

by Sheen Andola 

In today’s blog post, we are talking about something many have strong opinions about – the wedding shot list. Many wedding websites will tell you that you need to provide your photographer a shot list. The list will usually include things like wedding rings, bouquets, family portraits, and so on. Some will even go as far as to suggest that you include photos of things you have pinned on your Pinterest board, that way, your photographer can recreate them on your wedding day.

Because brides and grooms-to-be sometimes go overboard with the shot list, many photographers cringe at hearing those words! A massive shot list can be limiting your photographer’s creativity, which, let us be honest, is why you hired him/her in the first place! The reality is that most professional photographers will capture 99% of your shot list by default. Your wedding photographer through your consultations, in addition to having been to countless weddings, should already know which elements and details of your big day are important to you.

Ultimately, what the shot list should contain is not every single thing that is going to happen in the wedding. What it should contain are the people and things that are significant to you and your partner. It should help you and your photographer prioritize what is important to you and spend more time documenting those aspects of your wedding. Without further ado, here are five reasons why you should have a shot list and how to keep it simple!


To me, the part of the wedding that requires the most amount of coordination is the family pictures, usually done after the ceremony. For big weddings, not having a shot list can be a nightmare to everyone involved! I am sure you have been to a wedding where taking family photos took forever. Family portraits should be quick, not only for the sake of the dozens or hundreds of guests waiting for their turn to have their photos taken with the bride and groom but also for the bride and groom, who will have to stand there for all of it!

How to keep it simple: Titles are confusing to people; their names, however, they will recognize! So, write down their names beside their title so that your photographer or wedding coordinator can call them out loud. Include their last name if you have to! As an example, I would call out: Bride, Groom, Peter, Paul, and Maria Smith. Notice how it is not, “brother of the bride,” and “father of the groom.”

wedding shot list


Families come in different forms and sizes. Some families will have divorced parents, same-sex parents,  step-siblings, and so on. Some family members will not get along with others, and some family members will have traveled half the globe to attend the wedding. Communicating these different family dynamics to your photographer is important both in your consultation and on your shot list. For me as a photographer, knowing the family dynamics and be reminded of it through the shot list, will help me consider how to compose, arrange, and take your family photos. It will also ensure that no one is left out of the family portrait, including stepparents and siblings, for example, or the distant uncle you only see every five years.

How to keep it simple: On your shot list, write a quick title beside their name. As an example: “Jim, stepdad” or “Joe, the uncle from Italy.” Notice how relatively short it is, but can communicate enough to your photographer to know that Jim should probably be close to mom and that I should probably make sure to take Uncle Joe’s photo before the wedding day is over.

wedding shot list


Weddings can come in different forms. Some are modern and stripped down of the conventional trappings while other are more traditional, complete with a church mass. When coming up with things to include on your shot list, it is important to consider what aspects of your wedding are unique to you. For example, I had a backyard wedding where the groom and all the male guests were told to wear Hawaiin shirts. As the photographer, I made sure to showcase the different patterns of shirts in the photos. Similarly, a shot list is especially useful for weddings that have cultural elements to them. For instance, in South Asian weddings, you would include the Henna designs, the performances, and the entrance of the groom, among other things, on your list. For Chinese weddings, there is the Tea Ceremony and all that it entails.

How to keep it simple: Include in your shot list when and where these events are happening and how it will unfold. Let your photographer know the significance of the traditions to you and your partner and what aspects of the tradition you enjoy the most!

wedding shot list


One of the things that my couples always express after the wedding was how fun or exciting the day was that they failed to notice all the decorations and details that they had spent hours planning and making. If there are DIY decorations that you have done or items that have significant meaning to you and your partner, make sure it makes it on the list. I have a wedding coming up where the flowers for the centerpieces were handmade from books the bride and groom love.

How to keep it simple: Your photographer will, by default, take photos of decorations, the venue, of the little details of your wedding. What should make it on your list are the details you want the photographer to spend a bit more time. Write “hand-made flowers” or “grandparents’ wedding rings.”

wedding shot list


Weddings can be unpredictable! We have not had a Saturday this summer where we did not have the threat of rain. Having a shot list can help us prioritize photos if we run out of time, or we have to move somewhere for whatever reason. I had a wedding this summer where it was running significantly late, and the limo driver gave us 10 minutes to do the bridal party in one particular location. If I do not have a shot list, I will do the standard photos that I can squeeze in that 10 minutes: group photo with bride and groom; groom and the guys; the bride with her ladies; spend a lot more time on the couple.

wedding shot list

Hope this has been helpful. Let me know what is going to be on your shot list! If you like this article, like and share it with your friends and family!

Sheen Andola is a wedding photographer based in Ottawa. 

Honeymoon in Verona, Italy


Villabella Resort. Photo: Jane Staples.

by Jane Staples

Planning a honeymoon in Italy? Make sure to include Verona in your itinerary. It’s close to Venice and beautiful Lake Garda, too. Nestled just below the Alps along the Adige River, Verona is oozing with charm and gracious hospitality. The population is just over 265, 000, so it’s less crowded than many other European cities. It’s a city where you can walk around at a leisurely pace to see many of the sights.

Famous for the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Verona has long been associated with romance and has lots to offer to those planning a honeymoon or romantic getaway. There’s beautiful Romanesque and Medieval architecture along with the natural beauty of the rolling hills surrounding Verona, combined with a thriving food and wine scene. For accommodation, you can choose from a cozy, romantic B&B overlooking vineyards, a luxury villa with a Michelin restaurant, or a hotel overlooking Juliet’s courtyard.


Region of wine and charm

Foodies and wine lovers can really indulge their passions in Verona. Countless restaurants, wine bars and gelaterias abound. The area surrounding Verona is famous for four styles of wine: bright Valpolicellas, rich Ripassos, complex Amarones and a sweet dessert wine, Recioto. The popular Valpolicella varietal is known to many, with its food-friendly acidity and flavours, making it perfect for sipping during appetizers such as salumni and olives. This region is also the home of sumptuous Amarone, made using an ancient method. The grapes are allowed to dry in special lofts for 90-100 days, during which time they lose 30 to 50 per cent of their water. This results in concentrated, layered flavours, creating a luxurious wine to be savoured or enjoyed with rich foods. Be sure to taste Amarone during a special meal in Verona, perhaps with roast meat, game or simply with some dark chocolate. It’s unforgettable and you’ll see why it’s called the “King of Wines.”

There is a terrific phone app called “Valpolicella Wines” that can be invaluable as you plan your visit to Verona. This smartphone app helps visitors find the best restaurants, wine bars and wineries. It includes several different itineraries for excursions to wineries, even an itinerary by bicycle. It provides space to record winetasting notes and you can share your discoveries on social media.

Romantic spots to visit

Il Sogno di Giulietta guesthouse, located on the same street, Via Capello, as the famous balcony in “Juliet’s courtyard.”

Giardino Giusti. Stroll around one of Italy’s finest Renaissance gardens and enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

The Verona Arena. Located in Piazza Bra, originally built by the Romans in the 1st century A.D. and used for gladiator fights. Famous for its remarkable acoustics, it is still in use year-round for opera, ballet and symphonies.

Piazza delle Erbe. Located on the site of the ancient Roman forum and surrounded by Medieval and Renaissance architecture. A great spot to walk around by day to buy produce or souvenirs. Later, relax with an aperitivo at one of the many cafes and bars.

Michelin-starred restaurants. Your honeymoon is the ideal time to experience a luxury restaurant. La Fontanina is located near the arena. Their osteria has been operating for more than 200 years, offering traditional specialities such as venison carpaccio. Another is Villabella, located on 100 hectares of vineyards and olive groves, in the rolling hills outside Verona. Even dessert is offered in several courses. Guaranteed to make memories!


  • Rent a bicycle and tour the countryside.
  • Attend a jazz concert or opera under the stars at the arena.
  • Tour one of the many wineries in the region surrounding Verona.
  • Visit a sausage factory. Corrado Benedetti is an artisanal sausage and cheese

    factory located outside Verona in nearby picturesque Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo.

  • Indulge your passion for photography with the Romanesque and Medieval

    architecture or the natural beauty of the surrounding rolling hills.

    When you can’t decide what to do, just go for a stroll and stop at a gelateria or enjoy an aperitif at dusk. Verona awaits — there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

    Travel tips

    Verona Airport is located five kilometres outside Verona’s city centre and is serviced by nearly 30 airlines. Meridiana, Alitalia, and Lufthansa provide the most extensive coverage. It is a medium-sized airport with food and necessities easily available and particularly patient, helpful staff. The airport is accessible at street level.

    Travel by train from Venice to Verona takes just under one-and-a-half hours and two hours by bus. Verona is also very close to Lake Garda, easily accessible by train or bus, which run frequently.

    For in-depth travel information, including maps, weather and information on accessibility and special needs, check out under the label of Verona Travel and Tourism. W

    Jane Staples is a sommelier and wine writer from Ottawa.

Delectable Wedding Reads


Books related to weddings are eye candy for the bride and groom-to-be. Numerous smart ideas and tips are to be found. These reads will inspire you for sure.

Simple Stunning Weddings: Showers

By Karen Bussen

Of the many celebrations surrounding a contemporary wedding, the wedding shower is especially personal — and especially meaningful. As its name implies, it’s the occasion when friends and family gather to “shower” the bride — or couple — with love, laughter, tokens of affection, and heartfelt wishes for the future. It intensifies the excitement about the big day to come. And because it’s more intimate and less formal than other wedding-related events, the shower uniquely carries the signature of the friend who hosts it. Bringing together all the elements that make for a successful wedding shower — one that’s memorable for everyone involved — is no small task. Selecting the right theme (elegant tea, homey brunch, swanky cocktail fête?) and then deciding on the guest list, designing the invitations, creating the menu, and picking out the decorations all require imagination and careful planning. In Simple Stunning Wedding Showers, author Karen Bussen draws on her long experience as a wedding and party planner to guide the shower- giver through each step, from budgeting and etiquette, to choosing refreshments that enhance the ambience, to devising activities that break the ice and heighten the fun. Throughout, William Geddes’s remarkable photographs bring the author’s simple, stunning ideas to vivid life.

Wedding Menu Ideas: Popular Foods for Weddings

By Modern Cuisine

The wedding banquet or dinner is an essential part of the wedding ceremony. The choice of foods may be dictated by personal traditions and customs and may vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. For most cultures, the wedding food is a very important part of the ceremony, as it is a thank you to your guests for honoring your special day and it also allows for a light-hearted end of day soiree where family and friends can mix, talk and interact. This publication will help you make the right food choices for your special day — whether it is a no-expense- spared spectacular or a less formal, laid back occasion. The right food for your wedding starts here.
Helping you choose a menu that is guaranteed to impress. W Compiled by R. Legault.

Your Rehearsal Dinner

rehearsal dinner

rehearsal dinner

Trial Without Error
The little things matter when planning your rehearsal dinner

The rehearsal dinner is the kickoff to your wedding weekend, so you want things to start off smoothly and stress-free. There are also a few important items you need to check off your to-do list, so make sure you don’t forget them.

Hand out gifts

The rehearsal is the perfect time to give your bridal party gifts for being a part of your day, as well as any presents for your parents, readers, officiant and such. Don’t try to hand all of these items out on the morning of — it will be too hectic and you don’t need to add another thing to your to-do list.

Give the best man the rings

Hand over the wedding bands to the best man so he will already have them for the ceremony. You don’t want to risk forgetting them back at the house or the hotel room — and only realizing it once you’ve reached the venue.

Out of town guests

Etiquette says you should invite any out-of- town guests to the rehearsal dinner, assuming they will be in town the night before. They will surely appreciate being included.

Thank everyone and make last minute announcements

You and your groom should stand up and say a few words, thanking your bridal party, parents and any other guests for being with you as you start your wedding festivities.

If you need to remind your bridal party about hair/makeup appointments, photo call times and the like, the rehearsal dinner is a good time to make everyone aware of where they need to be and when for the big day.

Wrap up early

Enough said. You want to look your best, so get a good night’s sleep. W

From the files of Ottawa Wedding Magazine