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floral trends



The floral arrangement is like the ‘period’ at the end of a beautiful poem,” said Janette Smith, owner of Floral by Net. In the age of Pinterest, most couples have decided on some form of their wedding floral vision before their first meeting with the florist, which is the first step in working within a couple’s budget to realize their vision. But it’s easy for a couple to overwhelm themselves when it comes to choosing flowers. That’s why Karen LeRoy, owner of Alta Vista Flowers, suggests focusing on a theme. “I tell brides to try and not worry so much about the colour scheme of the flowers,” she said. “Florists can help bring together that colour story.”

Focus on style and colour

Taking the wedding colours and bridesmaid dress colours as a guide, the florist can help reduce flower choices. Couples can think about colours and styles they like, but leave the specific details of the flowers up to the florist, says Mandy Drew, wedding coordinator at Trillium Floral Designs. “A lot of couples think they need to do their research prior to meeting with a florist, but it’s easier to let us do the educating, as floral information online isn’t specific to their local climate.”

Greenery: the colour of the year

Pantone named greenery as the 2017 colour of the year, a refreshing and revitalizing green that hearkens to the great outdoors. With connotations of rebirth and new beginnings, greenery is an apt flower metaphor for a wedding. And for the non-traditional couple, greenery can alleviate any beliefs that flowers are a frivolous cost. If using just greenery seems too stark, incorporate white flowers to bring a nice burst of freshness. “I think overall there is a crave and connection to the natural,” said LeRoy. “Whether you have the ability to be outside or bringing that natural in if you can’t.”

Romantic and vibrant bouquets

Continuing the trend from last year, couples are going for a romantic, lusher feel to bouquets and décor. Big garden roses, soft tones, and a mixture of greenery is an ongoing trend. Bouquets are moving away from traditional, tightly packed bouquets; what’s popular are loosely collected, overflowing arrangements that look as if they are freshly picked from the garden. “I see brides going for more of a free- flowing bouquet,” said Smith. LeRoy agrees that couples are embracing a less structured bouquet: “It almost looks like walking into the garden, collecting flowers that have just come up from the garden, bringing them together and tying them softly with a ribbon. It’s really embracing the more natural look.” While classic wedding flowers such as big garden roses and soft pastel tones are still widely used, greenery and uncommon flowers are also being incorporated for an outdoor nature vibe. And for a bouquet that really pops, dark pops of burgundy are in style as a nice accent to blush bouquets. Sophisticated and whimsical, with whimsical pops of focal flowers. “We are seeing highly textured tropical flowers and smaller-headed types of flowers,” said LeRoy.

Making the venue your own

“In spaces that are very plain or neutral in colours, flowers help to brighten up the space and add personality,” says Drew. “In colder months, it certainly helps to bring the outdoors in.” Flowers hanging straight from the ceiling, above head tables and draped over chandeliers can transform a venue into a cozy, warm and inviting space. “It takes a basic chandelier and brings drama to it,” said LeRoy. “Hanging florals and candles can add to the special day and make it extraordinary.” The wedding arch has become a statement piece of wedding ceremony décor. If the venue has an existing arch, you can add a floral piece to the archway or, for the big budget couple, along the perimeter. “I see a shift to more elegant décor using classic, white flowers, ornate linens and sequin patterns,” says Drew, “as opposed to the last few years, where mason jars and burlap took over the décor in a more laid-back fashion.”

There is also a growing trend of couples bringing a more personalized touch to venues, incorporating personal effects into their wedding venue and wedding style and finding ways to incorporate florals into places like the seating assignment charts or a gift table. “That, to me, resonates more interestingly than having a really blingy décor that could be anyone,” said LeRoy.

Some other trends LeRoy sees is the sophisticated look with whimsical pops of focal flowers such as a highly textured tropical flower in an arrangement of smaller headed flowers, as well as the mixing of metallics, pastels and cream tones, and woodsy textures such as cut birch and darker woods.

Accessorizing with flowers

Once the couple has decided on what flowers will be featured, they can think about incorporating flowers into their personal style for the day. For the boho bride, a flower crown can be the perfect finishing touch, or for a subtler look, florals woven into hairstyles can be a lovely and delicate touch. W

floral trends

Wedding photo shoot showcases local pros and makers


Bride Name
Model/ real life couple – Ana Santos
Groom Name
Model/ real life couple – Geronimo Parodi -Matteo
Date of Wedding
KMD Film Photography by Kristin Davis
Reception Held at
Failte Lavender Farm Carp
Wedding Dress
From Norde Bridal – “Michelle” by Truvelle
Bride’s Hair By
Beauty Touch by Fatima
Bride’s Make-Up By
Beauty Touch by Fatima
Flowers By
Alta Vista Flowers
Other Vendors
Rings made by Andrea Mueller Fine Jewellery – Ottawa
Hair piece from Norde Bridal; made by Jewel Feathers – Ottawa
Film Processing by GPC Labworks – Bank street
As a film photographer, I have a very strong appreciation for the arts. This styled photo shoot was all about showcasing local makers and artists like myself. The headpiece & rings were handcrafted in Ottawa, the gown sewn in Vancouver. These images were shot on 35mm film, then scanned by myself. No Photoshop, and no tricks. We are simply back to the beautiful basics.
I believe film deserves a comeback, and I cater to couples who want to capture real moments of beauty in a way as unique as their love.

Chic Bridal Shoes

bridal shoes

Well- Heeled for the Big Day
Shoes make a great way to express personality


After a bride selects her dream wedding dress, she must choose her veil, hair accessories, jewellery and shoes. Depending on the dress silhouette and the bride, the shoes may not be seen. But shoes are a great way for the bride to express a little bit of personality. Three things to consider when choosing bridal shoes are: the venue, because a stiletto heel doesn’t necessarily work for an outdoor wedding; the bride’s comfort level wearing heels; and the theme of the wedding. More and more, bridal shoe trends have moved away from traditional wedding shoes and toward buying shoes that a bride loves — and could wear again. “It’s fun when they bring their shoes in and we see the whole picture,” says Adamyk.

The classic neutral

Neutral colours continue to be a popular choice to complement the white variations of most wedding dresses. “We still see a lot of neutral colours like silver and gold,” said Janine Adamyk, owner of Janine Adamyk Bridal Couture in Ottawa. “More often than not, the bride is doing her own unique style and mostly in neutrals like silver, which is the number one choice.” The same goes for nudes and beiges. For the boho-chic or fashion forward bride, a spin on the classic neutral is a feather detail on the front of a nude shoe, as seen on the bridal runway shows. “It’s a pop of fun in having feathers in the front,” said Shonge Sakupwanya, stylist sales manager at Nordstrom in Ottawa.

All that glitters

Sparkles, glitter & embellishments are classic choices for bringing a touch of glam to the wedding and for photographs. Adaymk advises brides to consider whether embellishments are worth it: “Beware of jewels that might catch the gown.” An embellished heel adds a hint of surprise that will also look great in photographs. Think classic in the front, party in the back. Embellishments don’t only mean jewels either. Earleen Garbe, owner of Encore Bridal, notes that lace, ruffles, bows, and feathers are examples of other kinds of embellishments that can add texture to your shoes and make for fun, memorable photos.

Bold, bright, match

Some brides want to make a statement with their shoes by choosing a strong colour. “If they want to go with a strong colour, we discuss whether or not it’s okay with them to see that colour when they walk because their toes will show perhaps in a slender dress,” said Adamyk. Some brides are choosing a colourful shoe that complements the wedding’s overall colour scheme, which can range from soft blush pink hues to vibrant and bold greens and purples. A continuing trend is that of brides matching their wedding shoe to the colour of their bridesmaid dresses.

Something blue

For brides who are ascribing to the tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” choosing a blue shoe checks that box. “Whether baby blue, royal blue or smokey blue, a coloured shoe on your wedding day not only satisfies that age-old custom, but also adds a touch of whimsy to your bridal attire,” said Garbe. This is typically seen on a bride wearing a shorter gown where you can actually see the shoes. “If you are going to have blue shoes, you want them to be seen,” said Sakupwanya.

Stiletto alternatives

The block heel is trending right now as a sturdy option for the bride who is going to be standing in her wedding shoes all day. It caters across the spectrums of venue, comfort level and theme of the wedding. “The block heel is great because you’re still getting that sexy silhouette that you’re looking for on your wedding day, as well as the height, but the comfort level is amazing,” said Sakupwanya. Wrap around block heels, where the wrap is varied in thickness and the bow can be in the front or back, takes that style to a whole new level. For an update on a sandal theme, Sakupwanya suggests trying a mule: “You still get that casual look, you get the height and you’re on trend.” For a bride who isn’t a serial heel-wearer, there are ballerina flats, pointy-toe flats, sandals, embellished loafers and other options to choose from. W

bridal shoes

Asal & Marc

Asal_Marc_0360Country Loving

October 7, 2016

compiled by Nicolina Leone
photos by Anna Jones Photography

Staying in the relaxing Almonte Riverside Inn the night before Asal and Marc’s wedding was very involved. With a Friday wedding, the likelihood of another wedding going on the day before, Thursday, was very low which meant the couple and their wedding party could head to Evermore Weddings and Events to set up.

After a few walk-throughs of the ceremony and rehearsal dinner at an Italian restaurant in Almonte, the bridesmaids and groomsmen went home, but Asal and Marc had a bit more work to do.

“We stayed up pretty late because I wanted to make sure the room was set-up really nicely for the next day. There was this really beautiful bay window that I wanted to have all the dresses hanging from, but the way that the curtains were hanging — we had to get up on a ladder and adjust them so the dresses could all hang nicely.”

They also brought their steamer from home to make sure all of the men’s suits were pristine for the next day. Finally, they could retire to their separate rooms and rest.

The morning of October 7, Asal headed down for breakfast (staggered time from Marc, of course), before the bridesmaids arrived. “But I couldn’t eat much because I was nervous. I don’t think I ate properly that whole day.”

Hair and makeup arrived from Rinaldo Hair Designers and Spa shortly after the girls, who were outfitted in their personalized robes and enjoying mimosas.

When it came time for Asal to put on the dress, it was surreal. “It seems like a bit of a blur. My mom was definitely more stressed than me. When my mom gets stressed she gets really quiet and really focused. I remember we had gone to All That Glitters to get the dress after its final alterations and the lady was showing my mom how to properly do up the dress — she was paying such close attention because she didn’t want to mess it up on the actual day. I could tell that on our wedding day she was so into doing that, that she wasn’t really there.”

“I tried a few styles but it became obvious that I wanted a more close-to-the body fit and lace really appealed to me. When I went to All That Glitters in Bells Corners we found the right dress pretty quickly. I tried a few more but kept coming back to the original one.”

Because the couple wanted to start taking photos before the ceremony, they opted for a ‘First Look’ near the back of the barn. “He waited with his back turned until I came through and surprised him. He was excited and we hugged and kissed. Then I thought about it and was wondering if we should have kissed before we were married.”

When the time came for the ceremony to start, Asal tried to soak it all in. “I got pretty emotional going down the aisle and I felt like it was all going so fast I couldn’t believe it. It just started and I thought, ‘Oh my God.’ I remembered the day before the coordinator at Evermore was saying ‘give yourself time, don’t go out until you’re ready and I tried to pause but I just felt like ‘Oh my God, this is happening.’”

Emotions were high all-around as the bridesmaids were tearing up and even the groom. “Marc got a bit teary which was so cute. I was definitely a mess, I could tell from pictures after too.”

After their “I dos,” the couple had a moment to themselves. “The coordinators met us at the willow tree with some champagne and brought us some of the hors d’oeuvres — which, even though they were so delicious, I couldn’t finish them. I was so annoyed with myself.”


As they moved into the venue for dinner, Asal was thoroughly impressed with the set up. “It was beautiful. So well coordinated. I didn’t have to worry, they were so intuitive and so helpful, I couldn’t have asked for better help from them. The venue is already so beautiful and they went a step beyond that. It was like it was professionally coordinated, they weren’t just providing the venue, the were doing all of the grunt work to make sure everything fell in the right place and the right time.”

Asal’s decor inspiration was fall colours. “I really liked burgundy as the main burst of colour and white and gold as accents like little white pumpkins and gold here and there.”

The time of year and the barn setting was perfect for the couple who are very country at heart. “Both of us wore cowboy boots from Apple Saddlery.”

The dinner, a hit, at Evermore was catered by Salt and dessert, donuts, were from Suzy Q.

Dinner turned into dancing which was expertly executed by Extreme Entertainment. “I worked with him up until the last day to give him sample music of what I wanted and proportions of what I wanted from new music to old music. I even gave him a few suggestions for Persian songs for my family.”

Poutine, also provided by Salt, for the midnight buffet was the only thing that got guests off the dance floor. “It all happened really quickly. I think it was actually a couple of days before the wedding that I got really overwhelmed with our family coming in and got really emotional. I thought, ‘I can’t believe everyone is here for us.’”

The couple hired videographers Matt and Kat Wedding Photography. “Marc and I both noticed that they were so in the background and they never got in the way. Originally, we didn’t want to have one, but they ended up giving us our best souvenir of the day. We were so happy with the decision to have a videographer because I don’t think the photos could ever compare to re-watching the emotions live. It was the best investment we ever made.”

Another vendor booked that had the couple satisfied: Voeux D’amour takedown service, which was a huge reassurance for the couple ensuring that they could relax and enjoy the whole night. W


Aliesha and Jonathan


Bride Name
Aliesha Grace Dickson
Groom Name
Jonathan Zuvela
Date of Wedding
Feather & Birch Photography – https://www.featherandbirchphotography.com/
Reception Held at
Hunter Valley Gardens, NSW -http://www.huntervalleygardens.com.au/
Ceremony Held at
Hunter Valley Gardens, NSW -http://www.huntervalleygardens.com.au/
Wedding Dress
Blanche Bridal Boutique, Leichardt – http://www.blanche.com.au/
Groom’s Fashions From
Roger David
Bridesmaids Fashions From
Bride’s Hair By
Jane Hair – Lane Cove
Bride’s Make-Up By
Kobie Sawyer Make Up
Cake By
Bek’s Cakes – Rutherford – http://www.becscakecreations.com.au/
Catering By
Hunter Valley Gardens
Flowers By
Valley Fresh Flowers – http://www.valleyfreshflowers.net/
Invitations By
Adorn Invitations – https://www.adorninvitations.co.uk
Other Vendors
Shoes: Diana Ferrari
Accessories: Blanche Bridal Boutique, Leichardt
Jewellery: LOVE ON Jewellery – http://www.loveonjewellery.com.au/
Videography: Switch Multimedia – http://video.switchmultimedia.com.au/
The couple wed at Hunter Valley Gardens, NSW with their favourite moment being able to steal their photographer and bridal party away between the ceremony and reception to embrace the day so far before celebration. Aliesha and Jonathan met as neighbors and have been dating since the sweet age of 15 and he romantically proposed along the harbor.

Warm-Up to Fall with These Stunning Ideas

Photo: Miv Photography

The development of a fall/winter issue of Ottawa Wedding Magazine starts in January. So, it was easy to put our minds to the needs of those couples who are planning a cooler temperature event. Forecasting what will be trendy for fall and winter weddings is our job. And, there is no lack of ideas this season.

Our goal is to stay on top of the bridal industry trends and deliver them in a way that makes your life as a bride- or groom-to-be a little bit easier. You’ll also notice the magazine has a refreshed cover — this issue focusing only on our bride. What does that mean for you as you’re planning your wedding? You’re still getting the same great content, and we’re continuing to deliver on our promise to be your number one source for executing a stellar celebration in and around the Nation’s capital.

Whether you’re the bride or the groom, the Maid of Honour or the mother of the bride, I hope the pages of this magazine serve as a roadmap to your happy wedding. It’s one of the most important days of your life, and we at Ottawa Wedding Magazine want to be right there with you.

If you’re as inspired by the stories as we were in putting them together, I want to know about it. Send me your best wedding stories, share your most tender moments during the day. I know that other brides will love to hear your stories.

A big thank you to everyone involved in planning, writing and bringing beautiful imagery for this issue. We think it’s gorgeous. And, we hope you think so, too.

All the best and happy planning!

 Pat den Boer


Photo: Miv Photography


Want to see your special day in Ottawa Wedding Magazine? If you want to contact me about how to include your wedding day in this publication, then please take note. We will not accept high-resolution images by e-mail. If you would like to send me a note about your wedding, do so in four or five paragraphs, describing your day. Make sure to include the bride’s and groom’s names, wedding date and location. Send along two or three low-resolution (less than 1MB) images. We have special requirements for photos, which will be communicated to you once your story is accepted.

Dance Lessons for your Wedding?



It’s a thought: how about Dance lessons so you can shine and shimmy on the dance floor for your first dance as a married couple?

We’ve all seen the amazing wedding dance videos on YouTube. Whether it’s the happy couple with the amazing moves (Hello, Ryan and Leah Claxton!), the groom — a professional dancer — and his groomsmen putting on an epic show, the “bride and her bridesmaids performing the best Beyoncé wedding dance routine in Texas” or the surprise father-daughter dance to a song mashup that earned over 11 million views, some sweet moves can really make your day epic.

And not one but two Dancing With The Stars weddings last weekend have plenty of engaged couples talking or at least thinking about that first dance in front of the crowd. While nobody’s expected to dance like a pro or waltz and cha-cha so expertly millions of people want to see, it certainly would be nice to avoid stepping on each other’s toes.

Dance lessons can actually be a really fun activity to do together. And thankfully, there are many great dance studios and dance instructors in Ottawa offering wedding dance lessons. Not only do these lessons offer potential stress relief in the midst of your wedding planning, they also offer a pleasurable opportunity to stay fit.

But in order to make that stress relief real, don’t leave them until the last minute. It’s best to start well in advance so you have plenty of time to do the lessons as well as to practice your steps and routine.
If you do want to make a splash on the dance floor, there are a few topics to consider:
What song do you want?
What style of dance do you want to perform?
Do you want to do a medley of styles with a mashup or songs? (This option will, no doubt, be spectacular, but will also require plenty of instruction, planning and practice.)

And what shoes do you wear? Should you have an extra pair for your dance? While this is a topic worth exploring, the quick answer is, “Of course!”


Bridal Trends 2018: Black, Bows and More New Options

bridal trends

Black is big for 2018. So are capes and capelets, bell sleeves, bows and trousers.

If you’re fashion forward and planning your big day for the spring and summer of next year, these are some of the big looks and bridal trends that made an impact at the spring 2018 bridal shows.

Black is Beautiful.

A black wedding dress? Yes. As Gabriella Rello notes at Martha Stewart Weddings, “Designers surprised us by sending black wedding dresses (or those with black details) down the runways, proving that you don’t need to wear white to still look like a bride. Reem AcraHayley Paige, and Vera Wang all gave this new trend a try, and we’re excited to see how real brides interpret the idea on their own wedding days.”

At brides.com, Roberta Correia also notes the anything-but-dour black trend. “From full-on black wedding gowns to black ribbons, gloves, hairpieces, and other accessories, brides can take a page from New Yorkers, who bet on basic black.”

Put at Cape on It!

Correia also points out that capes are big news: “Just call 2018 brides caped crusaders. Nearly every designer showed at least one wedding dress topped off with either a funky cropped capelet or a full-length cape—just the royal touch brides are looking for.”

Bows, beading, feathers, ruffles, gloves, pretty sleeves and romantic, Victorian styling are also news for 2018.

Bows are Big.

As JUSTINE CARREON remarks at Elle, “This Old Hollywood silhouette is back on the rise thanks to seasoned brands like Viktor & Rolf, Carolina Herrera, and Oscar de la Renta. The extra large bows decorated ball gowns and sheath dresses alike for chic simplicity with mass appeal.”

Victorian Vibes.

“For those who love Shakespeare,” Carreon adds, “and period dramas alike (i.e. can watch BBC’s Pride and Prejudice in one sitting), this style’s romanticism is for you. Veteran designer Vera Wang and Galia Lahav premiered a voluminous shoulder, while Luisa Beccaria opted for soft Juliet Capulet sleeves.”


Julia and Michael


Bride Name
Groom Name
Date of Wedding
KEEPSAKE PHOTOGRAPHY – http://keepsakephoto.com.au/
Reception Held at
Ceremony Held at
Wedding Dress
CRISTIANO LUCCI-http://www.cristianolucci.com/
Bridesmaids Fashions From
JADORE – http://jadore.com.au/
Bride’s Hair By
Bride’s Make-Up By
Cake By
Catering By
Flowers By
SILK FLORA – http://silkflora.com.au/
Invitations By
ADORN INVITATIONS – https://www.adorninvitations.co.uk/
Other Vendors
Accessories : LOVEON JEWELLERY – http://www.loveonjewellery.com.au/
Croquembouche: CROISSANDOR
Videographer :SAY HELLO TO FOREVER -http://sayhellotoforever.com.au/
Live Music :JAY BOATS
Transportation : SELECT LIMOUSINES

Michael and I met through mutual friends and had an instant connection, when we were 18 and 20. My family had just moved overseas after I’d finished high school, and I had just commenced at university. Feeling homesick for my mother’s wonderful Vietnamese cooking, I asked friends to join me at a local Vietnamese restaurant, and one of them brought her new friend, Michael. I was struck at first sight, and we were pretty much inseparable [after].