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Putting Your Best Face Forward

As the blushing bride you want to stand out as the most beautiful woman in the room. With our beauty tips below, there’s no doubt that all eyes will be on you.

Find your inspiration


Look through fashion, beauty and bridal magazines for ideas on how you want your makeup to look. Some of them will give you step-by- step instructions. Check for photos of models or celebrities with colouring that is like yours. You can even get some ideas from looks that are completely different.


Take inspiration from the detailing and colour of your gown. Don’t match your makeup to your dress, especially if you’re a bridesmaid. Natural peach or coral shades on your eyes, cheeks, and lips will work with almost any dress. If you’re wearing a red dress and want dramatic lips, try switching a matching red for a soft bronze, gold or coral shade instead.

The goal to looking beautiful on the big day is to look timeless, not trendy. The best look for any bride or bridesmaid is a fresh, natural look that shows off the best possible you, rather than the fresh, chic look you find on the catwalk.

make up


Foundation and concealer are the most important aspect to looking good in photographs. The tiniest blotches or under-eye circles look bigger in photographs. Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone exactly and is sheer enough that you won’t look caked on by the end of the day. If you’re using a liquid foundation, apply it first and then fix spots with concealer. If you’re using a powder foundation, use it after the concealer.

For under-eye circles, cream-based concealers in a shade lighter than your skin tone will work for you. For any blotchy areas, use a thicker, stick formula that matches your skin tone exactly.


Blend soft pink or peach blush into the apples of your cheeks. Then, use the same brush — without applying more colour — to sweep lightly across the forehead, temples and chin.


If you want to make lipstick last, apply a bit of foundation to your lips and set it with a light dusting of loose powder. Line and fill in your lips with a nude-coloured lip liner. Then, use a lip brush to apply a soft peach, rose or berry lipstick to your lips. Blot your lips with a tissue, and leave it on your lips while you dust on a little powder with a fluffy brush. Remove the tissue and re-apply colour with the lip brush.

Avoid red lipstick because it’s too high maintenance. More natural lip shades wear off more subtly and don’t have to be touched up as diligently or as often.

make up


Choose a sheer shimmer or matte formula in peach, coral or soft pink across the lid, blending it upwards to the brows. Use a liner brush to apply a small amount to the lower lash line. Then, trace a line on the top lid with dark brown, plum or wine-coloured eye pencil, right at the base of the lashes. Slightly smudge the colour upwards to blend with your eye shadow. Blend a similar shade of shadow over the liner, at the outer corner of the eye and into the crease. Finally, dab a touch of champagne or pale gold shimmery shadow to the inner corner of the eye for a twinkling effect.


Curl your lashes and add black mascara. Opt for dark brown mascara if you’re very fair. If your lashes are really short or super fine, false lashes can be really effective. To keep the look pretty natural, cut the strip of lashes in half and use the half with the shorter lashes only. Be sure to practise putting them on and wearing them in the weeks before the wedding.


Sheer pink or nude looks best on nails. French or American manicures will always be classic. Avoid red or dark colours, which can look garish against a white dress or clash with most bridesmaid dresses if the shades don’t match exactly.

Final tip

Your wedding-day makeup should be slightly more intense than your everyday look, but not so heavy that it overpowers your features. In the months leading up to the wedding, try different intensities of application and have someone take a picture of you each time so you can see how it looks. Go with the look that’s freshest and most polished. W

From the files of Ottawa Wedding Magazine.

Marie and Graham

Family Affair

September 12, 2015

compiled by Lindsay Ruck
photos by J E M M A N Photography (Elenora Luberto)

Marie and Graham met through a mutual friend at the Richmond Fair.

“Our first date was a Sens game against the San Jose Sharks.”
As the Ottawa Senators are the groom’s favourite team and the Sharks the bride’s, the pair turned their first date into a tradition and make a plan to see their teams every time they meet at Canadian Tire Centre.

Despite their differences on the ice, Graham knew he had found the one and popped the question Christmas morning with a little help from their kitten, Oscar.

“He put my engagement ring on Oscar’s collar. We are both cat lovers so it was perfect.”

The September ceremony was held at St. John the Evangelist Church — where the bride served as an altar girl.

“The priest, Father Falke, who is retired, agreed to perform the ceremony for us even though he is not the residing priest as he was the priest that [Marie] served for years.”

The bride entered the church on her father’s arm donning a custom satin and lace ball gown created by Stephanie Davis Designs and purchased at The Handmade Bride in downtown Ottawa. Accessories included a delicate lace-trimmed veil, a lace bolero for the ceremony and a custom-made jeweled belt for the reception.

Following the ceremony, guests made their way to the bride’s parents’ home in Manotick, Ontario. Thanks to AJ’s Catering, Marie and Graham’s 108 guests were wined and dined under a tent in a large hay field, surrounded by a hobby farm and horses.

“We pretty much personalized our entire menu and I still to this day receive compliments on how good the food was.”

Opportunity Knocks Events provided day-of coordination and were on-hand to carry out Marie’s navy and orange vision for the day.

“We could not have pulled off the vision without their hard work. They were in great spirits despite being soaked from transporting décor from the house to the tent.”

Birch branches filled tall vases, orange slices peppered shorter floral vases, custom-ordered linens from Mastermind Event Rentals draped tables and guests were encouraged to strike a pose in the photo booth.

Several unique touches made the couple’s day extra special. As a nod to Coronation Street — one of Marie and Graham’s favourite shows — a DIY “Rover’s Return” sign hung over the bar, a mini-putt was used for the kissing game, Quality Entertainment provided a slideshow for all to watch and enjoy, and in keeping with family tradition, Marie’s father’s classic car made a special appearance for the day.

The bride’s aunt created a three-tiered sweet treat complete with a Mr. & Mrs. topper. Another personal family touch came from Marie’s grandfather, as each guest received a yummy honey favour from Berry Blossom Honey. Golden Fries provided poutine for a savoury late-night snack.

Because of the rain on their wedding day, the couple decided to have a “take two” photoshoot to capture several beautiful outdoor shots, giving Marie another blissful day as a bride — lucky girl!

“Despite the torrential downpour that happened that day, once the guests were in the tent, they said they didn’t even realize it was raining. The day was amazing and I would do it all over again.” W

Wedding Day Posture Matters. A Lot.



Remember what your gym teacher told you? (And probably your mom, too):

“Stand up straight.”

“Don’t slouch.”

Stop hunching your shoulders.”

“Head up, shoulders back.”

Even if you and mom don’t agree on everything, this bit of advice is bang on. Especially on your wedding day, good posture is really important.

While you’ve been busily planning your once-in-a-lifetime day, odds are you’ve googled all sorts of wedding and bridal blogs and websites. And chances are you’ve set eyes on many, many real-life weddings. And you can’t help but notice the images – at the altar, particularly – of brides with slumped shoulders and protruding bellies.

Argh. All that effort. The fabulous dress, the beautiful, elaborately styled hair, the perfect makeup and accessories were painstakingly chosen and paid for so that the bride could look and feel her very best for her time in the spotlight. But it’s hard to see past the poor posture.

Don’t let it happen to you. You deserve to look at your wedding pictures and video and see your most beautiful, confident self: head high, shoulders straight, rocking your big day.

If your posture isn’t the best in your everyday life, now’s the time to practice and get it right. There are plenty of websites with great advice. For instance, a story on notes, “If preventing back injuries was never reason enough, perhaps this will do the trick: Perfect posture makes you look tall, confident, photogenic and like you really did drop those last five pre-wedding pounds.”

On The Huffington Post, blogger Kate Fridkis shares a post entitled, How My Posture Messed up My Wedding Photos. In her words, “But if I could go back in time, I think I’d just whisper to myself as I started down the aisle, “Shoulders back!”

How’s that for incentive?

There’s are plenty of recommendations online, but these tips from the Mayo Clinic website fit the bill for proper standing posture

Stand straight and tall with your shoulders back.
Keep your head level and in line with your body.
Pull in your abdomen.
Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart.
Bear your weight primarily on the balls of your feet.

You’ll be glad you made the effort.

Fallyn and Grant


Bride Name
Groom Name
Date of Wedding
Calli B Photography
Reception Held at
Maleny Manor 
Ceremony Held at
Maleny Manor
Wedding Dress
Pronovias Wedding Gowns supplied by The Big Day 
Groom’s Fashions From
Stuart Suits
Bridesmaids Fashions From
Pia Gladys Peri supplied by White Runway
Bride’s Hair By
Dot & Birdie
Bride’s Make-Up By
Pru Edwards Makeup
Cake By
Ideas in Icing
Catering By
Maleny Manor
Flowers By
Mondo Floral Designs (including special ordered Peonies from France as a surprise by my florist) 
Invitations By
Adorn Invitations 
Other Vendors
Shoes: Christian Louboutin supplied by Myer (Bride) Style Tread (Bridesmaids)
Accessories:Pearl Galleria (including $35K pair of vintage pearl earrings gifted in loan by the owner for my special day)
Celebrant: Jarrad Bayliss
Ceremony Music and Entertainment: Cut a Rug DJ
Videographer: Sunshine Coast Videography
Rings: Diamond House Jewellers
Transport: SV Limousines
Venue Styling: Love Bird Weddings
Wedding accommodation: Remingtons Cottages
There were so many very special moments, created by my amazing team of suppliers and our wonderful family but I think the quiet moments with my family and friends getting ready, my husband and I standing at the altar in a bubble of love and our grandparents being a big part of the celebration were my most beloved moments. We sadly lost my husband’s Nanna recently so these moments shared with our loved ones are very cherished.






Kristen and Todd


Being True to your Couple Style

July 9, 2016

compiled by Nicolina Leone
photos by Stephanie Beach Photography

Kristen and Todd broke all the traditions. On the rainy Saturday morning of July 9 they woke up together in their home before Kristen headed off to hair and makeup with her bridesmaids, leaving Todd to an easy-going morning with his groomsmen. But the two were only separate for a few hours, meeting back at the bride’s parents’ house for lunch before setting off to the venue.

Kristen got ready in her childhood room with her bridesmaids while Todd and the groomsmen waited downstairs. As the bride slipped on her very custom-altered gown from Dominique Levesque Bridal Salon, her bridesmaids (who are all high school and college friends) waited to see their girl in another room. “It felt so nice … I had all my bridesmaids with me — I was excited but calm. I just felt like I was back at school hanging out with my friends.”

The bridal party travelled together to Temple’s Sugar Bush. From the moment of their arrival, it felt flawless. The rain had stopped as they were arriving at Temple’s, the venue was set up to their specifications. When it was time for the ceremony, Temple’s had planned both an inside and outside location due to the unforgiving weather.

Todd and Kristen pulled another non-traditional — they walked down the aisle together. They have been together for years, they already live together, and Kristen wanted her parents to be able to walk down together. “It totally represents us,” she said.

So in went the bridesmaids, also accompanied by their dates, the groomsmen, walking down to an upbeat song by Hall and Oates, followed by the soon-to-be-betrothed duo. “I couldn’t have asked for better people to be standing up there with us.”

Following a quick and simple ceremony, the couple was free to mingle with their guests during cocktail hour. For dinnertime, the couple eschewed the traditional grand entrance. “We’re already here, we’re not the type of people who like being the centre of attention.”

The bridal party was seated throughout the hall amongst their friends and loved ones, while Todd and Kristen enjoyed a sweetheart table at the front, just for the two of them.

“It meant so much for me everything that everyone did — the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, everyone that attended — it’s expensive! Weddings are expensive. It can be far for people too — that’s something that Todd and I will always look back on. It was a great day, but it was the people who were there, that’s who made it fun. That’s one thing that I can take away from it. Anything could have happened — it doesn’t matter if your flowers didn’t turn out exactly how you wanted or if the music is a little different than you wanted. It’s the people that make it.” W

Decorating Your Marital Home



Made with Love

The do’s and don’ts of primping or merging your home together
to create a space that suits both of your needs

by Janet Armstrong

The planning and excitement leading up to the “big day” are exhilarating and not without stress, but following the wedding day, there is another big aspect of your happily ever after — your marital home! This can be an equally exciting prospect; decorating your first shared home is thrilling!

Whether you’ve combined your households prior to the big day, plan to do so afterwards or are renting or buying, there are a number of factors to take into consideration regarding the style and décor of your home.

Where to spend, where to save

When we look at design and décor websites and magazines for inspiration, we find rooms that are stunningly turned out with the ‘perfect’ pieces of furniture and décor elements such as lamps, artwork and embellishments. The majority of us do not have budgets that enable us to achieve these looks immediately when we are newly married and starting our lives together. But where to begin? What items should you invest in and where can you economize?

The foundation pieces of furniture in your home are a place where it pays to invest. Getting the best quality and durability you can afford in pieces like a sofa and chairs or a dining table and chairs will help you create that foundation. These are items that are not likely to be replaced very often and are also the pieces that will be used most frequently and will sustain the most wear and tear. Also purchase ‘classic’ pieces in neutral colours and patterns that can adapt to seasonal décor changes and your colour palette (your tastes will evolve and change too!) Trendy styles quickly become dated and are not as easily adapted to new décor styles.

Once you have the foundation pieces in place you can start to ‘accessorize’. This is where you can economize as we typically change out our décor accents and accessories seasonally, by holiday celebration or because we tire of them. This is where you can incorporate what is trendy without blowing your budget. It also allows you some flexibility to inject hits of colour that are fashionable at the time and reflects the décor style you have chosen. Accessorizing is where you can think outside the box while having some fun. Try adding some whimsy to your décor that reflects your personality — that unexpected item that makes the viewer smile. I love using items for unexpected purposes too; a candle holder or beautiful dessert bowl as a soap dish, a serving tray for stacking bathroom linens, a coffee mug tree for jewelry — you get the pic!

In terms of sourcing décor accents and accessories, there are a number of big box stores that have items at very affordable prices. Don’t forget to check the big box craft store too — they have an increasing number of décor items (and coupons to boot!). I love thrift and second hand stores for décor accents as well. There are some outstanding finds that may be used as found or could be updated with paint or embellishments and repurposed.

Combining styles

Learning to live with each other’s quirks and habits is a big adjustment for every couple. But how do you ever combine décor styles or decide on the décor style you want? What I love about décor today is that there is no one ‘right’ style; they can be adapted to reflect your personal flair. Combining styles can be a really unique and funky way to reflect your style preferences. I have seen French country chic with a touch of industrial or coastal with overtones of Boho — it can work and result in stunning and sophisticated rooms!

Start by looking online or through magazines and identifying the looks you each like. Note which elements of the styles attract you and identify colours that you each like. Determine what would be good for the walls and what colours would be best for accents and accessories. Inevitably, there is bound to be that one colour that becomes a line in the sand. However, it can still be incorporated into your room. For example, if one of you loves lime green and the other finds it a bit too energetic, perhaps it can be used as an accent colour in throw cushions or a vase.

If you are each bringing furniture pieces in varying styles and colours that you have to live with until you can invest in other pieces, provide continuity and cohesiveness with neutral coloured throw cushions and curtains, clear glass or white lamps with neutral lampshades, white vases, candle holders and candles, etc. These neutral and white colours will calm the ambiance and draw the eye away from the mismatch. When you have invested in your longer term items, these accents and accessories can coordinate and work with what you purchase or be used elsewhere in your home.

Take your time

It takes a while to furnish a home and get all of the items we need or want. I am a huge believer in taking your time — there’s no rush! You need to determine what I call the patterns of living: how do you use each of the spaces; which space is used the most; do you like to entertain family and friends or prefer a quieter, laid back home? This approach pays off in the long run. Taking your time helps to ensure you get pieces you are completely happy with and will get pleasure from for a long time to come.

Interior Designers can assist and support you with the decision-making process, sourcing and subsequent purchases of furnishings. They are also available to assist, support and work with you by evaluating your living space and making recommendations for creating a functional and comfortable space that suits your needs. W

Janet Armstrong is the founder of Simply Swank Decor (, a graduate interior designer from the Interior Design Institute and a member of the Canadian National Association for Decorators and Designers (CDECA).

Books for the Bride and Groom

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 5.17.55 PM

Unveiling Weddings: Getting the Most Out of Your Engagement from Yes to I Do!

By Tasha Jackson Fitzgerald and Rebecca Sacerdoit Titanium Books

If you are looking for the perfect bridal gift or a treat for yourself, Unveiling Weddings is it. It’s your girlfriends’ guide that supports the bride about everything. The book will entertain you with stories and insight into the emotional hurdles and family dramas that are often hidden from the public eye. Although it is written in a fun and sassy manner, don’t be fooled. The words can be life-changing. These two seasoned psychotherapists understand that a wedding is a rare opportunity to get the most out of your life and your engagement. Whether it is staying connected to your fiancé, negotiating dessert choices with your mom, or pulling off the wedding day of your dreams, Unveiling Weddings will guide you through it. While the authors invite the reader to do everything from finding her fil to dealing with rude and ridiculous members of the bridal party, the bridal tell-all stories will make you laugh, cry and feel at ease. Sit back and enjoy.


Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 5.18.57 PM

Style Me Pretty Weddings: Inspiration and Ideas for an Unforgettable Celebration

By Abby Larson Potter Style

For all brides looking for fresh new inspiration, it offers an entirely unique, and gorgeously photo-rich wedding resource. Joyful, love-filled weddings are created with the details that make the couple unique. These touches — letter-pressed table cards with a pet bulldog cameo; a chandelier to which the bride and groom tied hundreds of colorful ribbons; a photograph of the bride’s grandparents fastened around her bouquet — elevate a beautiful day into a deeply personal, unforgettable celebration. Style Me Pretty has become a go-to destination for planning your own ecstatic wedding, which includes:

– determining your couple style, gathering inspiration, and threading it through each element of the celebration

– real-life weddings with details on all their special and handcrafted touches, and advice from the brides

-five style blueprints to help you custom-craft your own classic, rustic, whimsical, modern, or al fresco wedding, from paper goods to the cake

-15 do-it-yourself projects, such as glittered vases, linen favour bags, and dip-dyed ombré napkins

Full of lively and more than 250 photographs, it will help you distill wedding inspiration into the most meaningful, utterly original day you can imagine. W

To source or purchase any of the books we have listed in this column; simply take the ISBN number and author’s name to any bookstore for a special order. Libraries may not carry all books listed on this page.

Compiled by R. Legault.

Honeymoon Planning Tips


Butler service is a highlight of a stay at a Rondoval. Credit Sandals Grande St. Lucian.

Start your planning

If a fantasy resort topped with extraordinary experiences is part of your vacation planning wish list, it’s worth consulting with an expert. Lindsey Epperly, owner of Epperly Travel (part of the Virtuoso network) a luxury honeymoon and destination wedding travel agency, offers the following tips for couples looking for stress-free, enjoyable travel experience.

Save time and money: Gone forever are the hours spent on Google or crowdsourcing your travel dreams over social media. Savvy couples are increasingly counting on experts to customize their travel. A skilled travel agent will take the time to learn your preference and tailor make your experience. They can also alert you to hidden costs and extra fees before you go.

Avoid disappointment: Well-established travel agencies invest in their staff and this means they have often personally visited a resort you may be considering. Do you love scuba diving, have dietary preferences or need air conditioning? It’s worth knowing that if you book with an online booking engine, that the “romantic hotel” at the top of the list may have paid for that placement. And remember, the terms “romantic” and “luxury” are relative.

Be Prepared: Mother Nature is fickle. Rain, wind or even hurricanes are out of your control. If things go wrong, it’s worth having a trusted travel agent to contact in case of an emergency rather than a generic 1-800 number.

Perks: A well-established travel agent that specializes in wedding and honeymoon travel has built relationships with management at leading resorts and can often score special perks such as amenities, room upgrades or custom experiences. 

Other resources:

Begin Early: Sandals Resorts offers an engagement concierge to help couples customize their wedding proposal dreams. The service is complimentary for Sandals Resorts guests.

Wow-factor Wedding Registry: Why not let your friends and family treat you to an unforgettable experience rather than a second coffee maker on your gift registry? If you already have what you need, then room upgrades or a couple’s massage might be the ideal gift. Secrets Resorts & Spas offers a Honeymoon Wishes Registry you can create online for select resorts in Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

Test Drive Your Resort: To help wedding couples sample the goods, Sandals Resorts encourages couples to preview their celebrations at their resort of choice. The Test Drive package includes round-trip airport transfers, luxurious accommodations, resort tour, meetings with resort wedding and photography team, sparkling wine and cake tasting, wedding decor sampling, and a romantic dinner for two at a resort specialty restaurant.

Bride-to-be Beauty Tips


When it comes to the location, the dress, the food and the flowers; everything is complicated. Your beauty regimen shouldn’t be. Make sure your beauty regimen is perfect for the big day. Here are some bridal tips, which will help make your day flawless.

Facial facts

Experts advise that every bride-to-be should start treating her skin to monthly facial treatments four to six months prior to her wedding (no facials within a week of the wedding). Your facial should best fit your skin conditions (clarifying, detoxifying, antiaging, etc.) in order to receive the benefits of the treatment. Your skin should be glowing the day of your wedding, start this process early and all eyes will be on you.

Sun safety

Every beauty rule of thumb is to protect your skin, don’t let sun damage ruin your big day.  Most professionals suggest that the bride, always wear her sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher; especially two weeks prior to walking down the aisle.  We’ve all experienced the painful burns that the sun leaves us with; don’t let the rays affect your day in the spotlight.

Rehearsal ritual

Before the big day, there’s a rehearsal dinner and rehearsal ceremony, Bella recommends a rehearsal hair and make-up run through. Make sure your hair is exactly to your liking, as well as your make-up so there aren’t any surprises the day of the wedding. This run-through will fix last-minute quirks, which would otherwise impede on your day.

Hydration station

This should already be part of your daily skin care ritual, but before your wedding, experts suggest that the bride-to-be especially hydrates her skin and under eyes with antioxidant rich night cream (to prevent under eye bags) and vitamins to boost the look of skin, hair and nails. Your skin should be fresh and exuberant before your wedding day. If you follow daily skin care rituals and vitamin intake, stick to it and if you do not, find one and follow it!

Perfect shade of tan

If you’re looking for that shimmering faux wedding-day glow before your big day, find your perfect spray tan shade at least four months before to prevent a streaky/uneven color. The best time to get a spray tan is two days before the wedding.  We all have our spray tan horror stories; your wedding day is not the day for such a story. Make sure to plan ahead and find your shade of choice, so that your day and your shade are just right.

From the files of Ottawa Wedding Magazine.


Angela and Lawrence

This wedding’s lovely flowers were by Trillium Floral Designs,

Common Interests and Passions Brought Them Closer

by Iris Winston
photos by Miv Photography

The United Way has an additional meaning for Angela Lariviere and Lawrence Greenspon because the charity led to the couple going on their way — united. She was on staff and he was a senior volunteer, so they frequently met at fundraising events. During the annual campaign, he regularly spent up to 30 hours a week in the United Way building.

“One day, I went to the front desk and asked to speak to Angela,” he says. “I told her where I was and asked her to come to the front desk to let me in as I wasn’t being allowed into the building. She knew that was completely ridiculous, given that I actually had an office there, and asked if this was my way of asking her out for coffee. It was, even though I don’t drink coffee. Anyway, it was a wonderful start.”

A year later, they were engaged, and while they were on a Caribbean vacation in St. Martin. Lawrence had arranged for a table for two under tiki lights on the beach and had the engagement ring in his back pocket.

“Angela and I had looked at rings and she had seen one she really liked in St. Martin, but, as far as she knew, it was going to take a while for it to be ready,” says Lawrence.

To the music of “Unforgettable”, sung by Nat King Cole, the two danced in the sand. When the song ended, Lawrence dropped to one knee, produced the ring and asked Angela to marry him.

“Thankfully, she said ‘of course’,” he says, adding that their server asked for permission to announce their engagement to the other diners.

“We got a standing ovation from everyone,” says Angela. “And, it seemed that practically everyone in the resort was having dinner on the beach that night.”

They married the next summer in their own backyard. “We live on the river, so we had a beautiful backdrop,” says Angela, adding that, with some difficulty, they kept the guest list to 100. “We wanted to keep it small and intimate so that we could spend time with every guest and really celebrate with our closest friends and family.”

A wedding blended with religious heritages and cultures

The wedding date, July 18, 2015, was also important to them, says Lawrence, who wears a Chai on a gold chain around his neck at all times. In Hebrew, the word chai, meaning life, also stands for the number 18, and the symbol is often worn as an alternative to the Star of David (Magen Dovid).

The couple wanted to blend the traditions of Judaism and Catholicism in their ceremony, in recognition of their religious heritage, says Angela, adding that in an effort to involve as many of the guests as possible, they chose not to have a formal wedding party.

Instead, they had a candle-lighting ceremony to represent Roman Catholicism and had several guests placing candles at either side of the altar, set up in the marquee. Angela’s older son, Mackenzie, walked her down the aisle to meet the groom under the chuppah — the canopy under which a Jewish marriage ceremony is performed. Jewish tradition was further honoured with the groom breaking a glass.

“Our wedding also became very much a blend of the people of different cultures that we are close to,” says Lawrence.

The wedding ceremony, which was conducted by Judge Colin MacKinnon, began with a piper moving from the dock on the river. “He walked very slowly up to where the wedding was taking place. The sound of the bagpipes echoing across the river was incredibly haunting,” says Lawrence.

Later in the evening, a “flash mob” of guests delivered a sequence of Bollywood dancing — the mix of dance styles often used in East Indian films. “We didn’t know it was coming,” says Lawrence, “but apparently they had been practising for months.”

Even the bridal gown had an original touch. Purchased from Kimberley Wilson Bridal and Fashion Outlet in Beechwood, it was equipped with a series of hooks and loops that made it possible to convert it from a long to a short gown. That was important, says Angela, because she needed more freedom of movement for the wedding dance that had been choreographed for them.

The couple also placed their own spin on the speech-making section of the event. Three speakers on each side spoke of the couple’s past, present and future. The past was represented by Lawrence’s daughter, Maja, and Angela’s father, Leo; the present by Lawrence’s friend Perry Mody (who, with his wife, organized the Bollywood dancing) and Angela’s sister, Lee Ann; and the future by the neighbours, Mike and Mary Theresa Gelineau, who have become close friends since the newlyweds bought their bungalow on the river.

So began Angela and Lawrence’s journey on their united way. W